The GOP wants to make it difficult for Asians, Blacks, Mexicans and Young Urban Whites to vote

THE BIG JUICY LIE Trump’s stolen election lie has convinced many that fraud is a problem in American elections. Three out of every 4 Republicans believe that there was widespread voter fraud in last year’s election,  according to a December Quinnipiac University poll, despite all evidence to the contrary. State Republicans in Texas, Georgia and Florida are now proposing voting restrictionsContinue reading “The GOP wants to make it difficult for Asians, Blacks, Mexicans and Young Urban Whites to vote”

California Plans to Ban Petrol Cars by 2035

California is the first state in the United States to ban new Gasoline and Diesel cars by 2035. Governor Gavin Newsom of California issued an executive order today, directing that state to require that all new vehicles sold in 2015 to have zero emissions. This executive order targets private passenger cars and trucks, as wellContinue reading “California Plans to Ban Petrol Cars by 2035”

como estas

I’m a Californian, lived here most of my life.  I’ve had Mexican/Latin friends all of my life Roommates, housemates, friendships, spanning decades. Our families are interchangeable.   Recently, returning from LA , I called a friend to tell him I was planning to visit his family in Tulare on my way home.  After, I arrived, heContinue reading “como estas”

“The Tape” Strip Poker Alcohol and Minors? Stockton Mayor Says……

Nothing…. His attorneys released audio recordings of Mayor Silva of an strip poker game he was allegedly  involved in at this youth camp in Amador County last summer. Mayor Silva from the Beginning -AND  Excessive Noise/Party Complaints from His Neighbors  Click Link Below for Story _________________________________________________________________ The recording and pictures  were removed from hisContinue reading ““The Tape” Strip Poker Alcohol and Minors? Stockton Mayor Says……”

Sacratomatoville 10 for 2015

Sex, Politics, Relationships, Reality TV, Stupid People, Sports, Celebrities and  Sacramento are just some of the topics we cover here at the Sacratomatoville Post.    With Caitlyn Jenner’s transformation three of the top 10 post are about transgender individuals   Sexual harassment accusations  against the Mayor and Vice Mayor of Sacramento occupy two spots inContinue reading “Sacratomatoville 10 for 2015”

Bombs on wheels through Sacramento twice a Day?

By :CityFella Last February ,a CSX train carrying more than three million gallons of crude oil derailed in Mount Carbon West Virginia. The fires burned in this town of 2000 for days.  Each tank carried 30,000 gallons of Balkken Crude Oil from North Dakota. Hundreds of families were evacuated after losing their drinking water andContinue reading “Bombs on wheels through Sacramento twice a Day?”

Proud Mary, Denial and Kindness on Stockton Blvd

Ike an Tina Turner added  this  verse  to Proud Mary Ya’ know, every now and then I think you might like to hear something from us Nice and easy But there’s just one thing You see we never ever do nothing Nice and easy We always do it nice and rough I identify with thisContinue reading “Proud Mary, Denial and Kindness on Stockton Blvd”

RACE: We need to talk

My initial reaction to the Starbuck story was wow, followed by are you mad? I agree with CEO Howard Schultz, we need to talk about race, however at business? envision long lines heated discussions, with regular Starbucks customers caught in the middle. I have a child who works for Starbucks.   Like their father, theyContinue reading “RACE: We need to talk”

Darn, They may have broken up her sweet deal in Rocklin

90K Rocklin Police doesn’t know the exact figure or how she did it.   They believe she may have embezzled at least 90K from two local businesses . In a news release from Rocklin Police Department:  Darla Miller of Roseville was the office manager for Lawton Industries. A stainless steel company.  Rocklin Police arrested herContinue reading “Darn, They may have broken up her sweet deal in Rocklin”

Mercantile Saloon : Sac Magic

By: CityFella I believe Bar’s, Clubs have distinct personalities. Some are buttoned up, others casual. Most appeal to a specific crowd or audience.  The Mercantile Saloon,(called the Merc by the locals) attracts a wide audience. The Merc is a working gay bar with a large heterosexual following. The scene is causal, men and women, agesContinue reading “Mercantile Saloon : Sac Magic”