Target Failure in Canada: A Opinion From Vancouver

  Shelley Fralic: Top 5 reasons why Target Canada was an epic failure Empty shelves and severe lack of ambiance were only part of the problem   It’s noon, Thursday. I am standing in the curtains aisle at Target in Metrotown, the biggest, busiest mall in the province with more than 400 stores.That includes anchorContinue reading “Target Failure in Canada: A Opinion From Vancouver”

America’s middle-class defeat: How Canada shamed the wealthiest nation on earth

A Toyota automaker employee moves an engine at the Toyota engine assembly line in Huntsville, Alabama. (Credit: Reuters/Carlos Barria) By: Edward McClelland/Salon A few summers ago, I spent six weeks in Canada, as part of a 10,000-mile Great Lakes Circle tour. From Pigeon River on Lake Superior to Kingston on Lake Ontario, I drove and campedContinue reading “America’s middle-class defeat: How Canada shamed the wealthiest nation on earth”

Bruno Mars Saves the World

By CityFella Okay, I wanted retribution.  Seattle kicked the Niner’s ass and even though I actually like the Seahawks I wanted Broncos to send those bird beaks packing to their emerald habitat.      But the Broncos didn’t show up in New Jersey, yes their bodies were present, but they left their game in Denver.Continue reading “Bruno Mars Saves the World”

Would you care if Justin Bieber was deported to Canada or would you feel sorry for the Canadians?

By CityFella, Okay he’s 19.  Dumb and stupid with the emphasis on Stupid.   He is rich and surrounded by hangers-on, saying do it, do it, do it. No one outside of the court is going to tell him anything.  He’s rich,lawyered  up and invincible(Stupid).  I remember being 19, it was a loooong time ago,Continue reading “Would you care if Justin Bieber was deported to Canada or would you feel sorry for the Canadians?”

First, same-sex marriage. Now, same-sex divorce

By:Georgialee Lang/O Canada com     In 2004 Canada took its place as the first country in the world to grant a divorce to a same-sex couple.  This was not surprising since Canada was one of the first countries to legalize same-sex marriage, an event that saw hundreds of gay and lesbian couples from aroundContinue reading “First, same-sex marriage. Now, same-sex divorce”

Canadians are making a lot more money, especially in the north

The most recent snapshot of the country reflects the shifting fortunes of industries during and after the global downturn, highlighting the decline of the manufacturing sector and the growing dependence on natural resources. Photograph by: Canadian Press , Financial Post OTTAWA — Many Canadians appear to have come through the recession making a lot more moneyContinue reading “Canadians are making a lot more money, especially in the north”

Dirty words come clean

When it comes to feminism, the words they are a’changing Romanian women hold carnations in their mouths as a sign of protest during a Slut Walk in 2011, in Bucharest, Romania. The walk is an idea that started in Canada as a protest against discrimination and harassment toward women because of the way they wouldContinue reading “Dirty words come clean”

Aboriginal and black inmates disproportionately fill Ontario,Canada jails

Race data obtained under freedom of information paints a disturbing picture of black and aboriginal over representation in Ontario youth and adult jails. Blacks and aboriginal people are over represented in Ontario’s youth and adult jails, with some staggering ratios that mirror those of blacks in American jails. A Star analysis of Ontario jail data, obtained by University of TorontoContinue reading “Aboriginal and black inmates disproportionately fill Ontario,Canada jails”

Do we really need the Penny?

Canada officials have made the cost-cutting decision to start phasing out their penny — could Abe Lincoln be next? The Royal Canadian Mint on Monday officially ended its distribution of pennies to financial institutions, citing production costs now exceeding their monetary value. The United States has wrestled with a similar problem in recent decades. TheContinue reading “Do we really need the Penny?”