Adventures in Online Dating 2019A “I wont show anyone”

Dating has always been challenging with one exception, Adam and Eve.    Adam spotted Eve in the Malt shop, she was easy to find. Eve looked at Adam, the first or only boy she has ever seen and said Hi, the rest was biblical. For the rest of us , its what do I do?Continue reading “Adventures in Online Dating 2019A “I wont show anyone””

Sugah Pie, Honey Bunch Tampa’s “Joshua Basso” can’t help himself……

Perhaps its the directness of the voices…    It could be thoughts of shiny handcuffs on a female body who knows…  Females Cop’s gets Joshua hot and  Joshua’s got it bad and that aint good . Last week,  he was arrested and charged with misusing the 911 system after admitting to investigators that he made seven separate calls between WednesdayContinue reading “Sugah Pie, Honey Bunch Tampa’s “Joshua Basso” can’t help himself……”

Love,Trust and Raymond

Breaking up is hard to do……. The relationship ended because of  her boyfriend talked too much Raymond Williams kept  repeated things she had said about him to friends in her car.    How odd, how did Raymond know  detailed information on conversations she had with others…. One day when  she was cleaning her car she “bumped the center console” andContinue reading “Love,Trust and Raymond”

Ashton and Alec,am I missing something?

Ashton and Alec one is a tremendous talent, the other takes pictures, both need major time outs. I would have love to have sat next or across from Alec Baldwin on the flight.   Trust me, he would have needed an assistant to Tweet.   I am constantly running from terminals due to late arrivals and I am sure I wouldContinue reading “Ashton and Alec,am I missing something?”

Police rescue man from sealed luggage locker

In the middle of the night a man in southern Sweden called theJönköping police station and requested their help in rescuing him from a sealed baggage locker at Nässjö‘s Central Station.  At first, the confused officers suspected it to be a prank call, especially as the man didn’t answer his phone when they called him back. ButContinue reading “Police rescue man from sealed luggage locker”

If you want this phone-you’ll have to get it from my cold dead body

A teenaged girl from New York was arrested on disorderly conduct charges after she refused to give her father her cell phone while shopping at Providence Place mall Saturday evening. Police officers patroling the mall noticed a man dragging the girl by her hand while she was on the ground, according to police reports. AsContinue reading “If you want this phone-you’ll have to get it from my cold dead body”

Dating Difficulties? Try turning off your friggen phone.

How many times have you heard this. I am tired of being single. This town sucks!  I can’t meet anyone, all the single people are just tired reruns……….. I was at a local bar saturday night, the place was packed.   There were groups, couples and quite a few singles hugging the walls and standing nearContinue reading “Dating Difficulties? Try turning off your friggen phone.”