Will Portland become the next Charlottesville?

The Beautiful City of Portland Oregon,  Rose City, known for its quirkiness, often called the Greenest City in America is bracing for what could be one of the most confrontational and violent rally’s since Charlottesville on Saturday. The Police presence will be massive with city’s entire force of 1000 officers on duty.   The Oregon StateContinue reading “Will Portland become the next Charlottesville?”

Fresh Not Frozen: Donald Trump Triples Down on Racism

Photo: Politico   A couple hours ago in Phoenix, Arizona Donald Trump Triples down on Racism. Trump blamed the media for mischaracterizing the statements he made following the Charlottesville protests. “They don’t report the facts….Just like they don’t want to report that I spoke out strongly against…Neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and the KKK.” He then proceededContinue reading “Fresh Not Frozen: Donald Trump Triples Down on Racism”