The Holiday sucks if your watching your weight “Lemon Pie in the Dark”

Picture(Google) Will Power, yeah bite me bitch!!!! Everywhere you turn, sugar. Candy Canes, lil Hershey Kisses in holiday Foil and this year I discovered Peppermint Kisses can you say oh mmm gee!   Huge boxes on Mother See’s  on every table . There are assassins at every turn.  ” Oh, this is Christmas have a megaContinue reading “The Holiday sucks if your watching your weight “Lemon Pie in the Dark””

Isn’t it rich…………..

Hot Chocolate is hot chocolate, I’ve never gone out of my way for hot chocolate.  Marshmallows or whipped crème it’s Hot Chocolate.   So when my daughter said I must try this Hot Chocolate, I wasn’t moved. My first sip of Classic American Hot Chocolate ($3.75)wasn’t exciting, my daughter said, “Dad you have to get inContinue reading “Isn’t it rich…………..”

Chocolate Kamakazi

She always had it her way.  Her mother made major plans for her arrival into this world.  This time there would not be a sterile delivery room, this room was bright and airy.   On the TV, would be a video of waves crashing in the background, her mother made a cassette tape and there would be snacks.Continue reading “Chocolate Kamakazi”

Yellow Cake with Chocolate Icing

I’ll buy the cake….for 10 people….no problem… Yellow birthday cake with Chocolate Icing got it ..  No shopping for the perfect gift, no cheesy gift cards, Cake. Being the last minute person, I’m known for.   Five hours before the birthday party in the Bay Area , I head over to Nemo’s Bakery…   FiveContinue reading “Yellow Cake with Chocolate Icing”

Mmmmm Chocolate….. Locally made chocolate (its a MUST stop on L Street)

The best thing and the worst thing about the holidays are the treats.  The cookies and the chooooocolate.   Boxes and boxes around the office.    I have loved mother “See’s candies all my life.  Godiva never did it for me…      Someone dropped off a small box of treats from  Ginger Elizabeth ChocolatesContinue reading “Mmmmm Chocolate….. Locally made chocolate (its a MUST stop on L Street)”