Day 4: He won’t dance, don’t ask him

Okay, I’m feeling better. Biden is leading, although the drip,drip,drip of the ballot counting is driving some of us to sip Vicks Formula 44. Many of my non polictial friends are fixtated on cable news. A simple phone call begins with “Biden is up in Georgia by 1034 votes,how ya doin?” I’m fine “-I didn’tContinue reading “Day 4: He won’t dance, don’t ask him”

Bless His Heart: JERSEY PROUD

After a budget impasse New Jersey Governor Chris Christie shut down the state government including the state run parks and beaches.   Turning  away thousands of Jersey Residents during the busy holiday weekend. Christie and his family were seen soaking up the sun at governor’s summer house at closed Island Beach State Park. Provided for himContinue reading “Bless His Heart: JERSEY PROUD”

GW BridgeGate: David Wildstein is no Rat!

By:CityFella “On the advice of my counsel, I respectfully assert my right to remain silent under the United States and New Jersey constitutions”  On Thursday, David Wildstein, the former Port Authority official at the center of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s refused to testify about the controversy before the New Jersey Assembly’s Transportation, Public Works and IndependentContinue reading “GW BridgeGate: David Wildstein is no Rat!”

Is Governor Christie A Bully? Meet another NJ Mayor

On Dec. 24, the New York Times ran an article titled “Stories Add Up As Bully Image Trails Christie.” It began with an anecdote of a New Jersey assemblyman who got a nasty note from Christie after making some relatively innocuous radio comments. The gesture would come to seem genteel compared with the fate suffered by othersContinue reading “Is Governor Christie A Bully? Meet another NJ Mayor”

BridgeGate Scandal: A Rare Moment of Silence from NJ Gov Chris Christie

Where there is smoke……… For weeks there has been local controversy surrounding the closure of  lanes on the George Washington Bridge which  links New York City with  Fort Lee(Bergen County) New Jersey  Over three hundred thousand vehicles cross the George Washington every day. A few days ago a local newspaper,  the Bergen Record broke theContinue reading “BridgeGate Scandal: A Rare Moment of Silence from NJ Gov Chris Christie”

GOP: The Empire Strikes Back in Alabama, Chris Christie’s Blueprint.

By CityFella Is Alabama the sign of things to come? As the GOP civil war rages on in Washington between the Establishment and Tea Party.  The Establishment has its first win.   In the 1st Congressional District, former Alabama state senator Bradley Byrne defeated incumbent Dean Young by 4 percentage points. The business establishment poured big bucksContinue reading “GOP: The Empire Strikes Back in Alabama, Chris Christie’s Blueprint.”

DETROIT TO ROMNEY: Stop Lying ! GM and Chrysler refutes Ohio ads

Two steps forward, two steps back , the wind WAS blowing in his direction.  Its gonna be anyone’s race.    With less than a week to go both campaigns ideally would want to  avoid all and any controversy .    This has been a very interesting race, both candidates entered the race with baggage. Obama’s problems beganContinue reading “DETROIT TO ROMNEY: Stop Lying ! GM and Chrysler refutes Ohio ads”

Politics 2012: Put a fork in me, I’m Done!

Obama-hamama- Romney-Pommney are you gonna  have beef or chicken? I’m going to the voting office today and get my absentee ballot not taking it home .   I plan to fill in the proper circles in the voting office. I love politics, and this year was fun..   We got to see the extreme  front and center (dareContinue reading “Politics 2012: Put a fork in me, I’m Done!”

Sports costing taxpayers billions

Out with the old-In with the new 1.7 billion dollar Meadowland Stadium Home to the New York Jets and The New York Giants located in East Rutherford,New Jersey THE BUSINESS AND POLITICS OF SPORTS DeMaurice Smith to reach a new agreement that covers players working conditions, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie wrestles with his state’sContinue reading “Sports costing taxpayers billions”