NIGHTMARE! “Sacramento Kings owners dragging feet-may move anyway?

Joe Maloof–Mayor Kevin Johnson-Gavin Maloof After years of discussion,rumors of  moves to Las Vegas, Anaheim,Louisville and Seattle, the pieces are finally in place for a new 391 million  dollar downtown Arena for fledgling Sacramento Kings. The Maloofs, the owners of the Sacramento Kings  said the current arena Power Balance Pavillion (which they own) believed a new arena was needed andContinue reading “NIGHTMARE! “Sacramento Kings owners dragging feet-may move anyway?”

Sacramento’s Sports Clock is ticking “New Downtown Arena or Bust”

One couldn’t miss the sarcasm in  NBA commissioner David Stern’s voice last spring.   He wasn’t convinced,if Sacramento could come up with a new arena package.    With Anaheim willing and able to host the a Kings at the Honda Center  or better still, a billionare (Henry Samueli)  who could write a check for the team.  Mr Stern’s wouldContinue reading “Sacramento’s Sports Clock is ticking “New Downtown Arena or Bust””