Bus 6062 From Atlanta to New Orleans

The original plan was to drive from Atlanta to Austin Texas, until the Rent A Car Company told me they where going to give me a huge gas guzzling SUV, free was gonna cost me nearly $400 in gas. So what’z a Sacramentian to do at 1045pm at the Atlanta airport?   Heck take the Bus.   My daughter ravedContinue reading “Bus 6062 From Atlanta to New Orleans”

Sweet Tea and Southern Eating

  Photo: Google   Thanks to McDonald’s people in the rest on the country are discovering Sweet Tea.   Yes, there has always been tea in California, Snapple, Lipton, and a host of other Tea’s.     In the South, Sweet Tea is a staple, in most of the country its  Coke or Pepsi ,Continue reading “Sweet Tea and Southern Eating”

San Francisco to Ban Circumcision? (no this isn’t a Wiener joke)

Gotta love California, there are many in the country who believe Cailfornia is weird.  They see images of people wearing clothes you couldnt wear, say in downtown Duluth.   During the World Series, Texas Ranger fans at AT&T park(being interviewed by Dallas area news outlets) ” were shocked”  SHOCKED!!!  they could smell Marijuana in the stands! The EpicenterContinue reading “San Francisco to Ban Circumcision? (no this isn’t a Wiener joke)”

Torn. A Plastic dilemma

Remember when you went to supermarket and the checker would ask you paper or plastic? Today at most stores its plastic or plastic.    Small plastic bags to Mega plastic bags large enough to hold a screaming toddler( not that you would ever place someones screaming child in a large plastic bag-even though that childContinue reading “Torn. A Plastic dilemma”

San Francisco takes on the Empire

By Dana Hull dhull@mercurynews.com SAN JOSE — San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera asked state regulators to stop PG&E from installing SmartMeters until the independent investigation into their accuracy is complete. The move, detailed in a petition filed Thursday with the California Public Utilities Commission, marks the first time that a city within PG&E’s vastContinue reading “San Francisco takes on the Empire”

Job Insecurity: San Francisco Today (Is Sacramento’s Tommorrow?)

It’s not over til its over.   Cities are in crises, to make up for the shortfall, cities are reducing hours first and then position.     Last week the state’s superior court ruled the state illegally furloughed and reduced the hours of  thousands of  state Employees and ordered the state to reimburse state workers. The CityContinue reading “Job Insecurity: San Francisco Today (Is Sacramento’s Tommorrow?)”