Mashed Eggs

She walked in with attitude. Not good attitude, a nasty I wanna slap everybody and everything attitude.  I hate your mother and I hate you! Attitude

Her friend was just the opposite, you can hear Minnie Ripperton sing la la la as she walked in.

It’s breakfast time at one of my favorite places in West Sac.

Attitude was mumbling as they walked in. Her friend was smiling.

Attitude:”This place looks dirty “.

Before the waiter could speak ” Can you swipe down this table!”

The waiter returns to wipe down the clean table

He returns “coffee?”

Yes, say’s the nice one.

Attitude is loudly complaining about something last night.

She used to live in Sacramento, but its too crowded and its not the place she remembered when she was a girl

The waiter returns. to take their order.

Nice one is ready, but Attitude waves him away.

He returns, Attitude orders eggs over easy, potatoes, crisp bacon and wheat toast and tells the waiter to make sure her plate isn’t greasy!

She angrily looks over the breakfast crowd.

We should have gone to that place downtown

The waiter returns with their food

The table, the napkins box still isn’t clean enough for attitude she removes her plate.

Nice is quietly enjoying her breakfast ignoring attitude

Attitude, grabs a hand full of napkins

Attitude is just pissy, she grabs a hand full of napkins and dips them into her water glass and wipes down the napkin box

Nice waved her hand and Attitude sit down into her plate of food

She bounces up, the eggs, the bacon and some potatoes falls off her dress.

I tried to hold it, but as I looked at the other tables and saw the laughter in their eyes ,I lost it.

I grabbed a news paper off an empty newspaper and hid.

Nice brushed off bits of food from Attitude.

This caused an older man ,sitting two tables away to chuckle.

Nice took a sip of her coffee and walked to the cashier.

The two exited the side door

Suddenly people began talking and laughing….