Just because it zips………….

Remember this Oprah? If your under 35 probably not.  This Oprah went on a liquid diet and lost a ton of weight.  In the wagon is fat, the fat represents the weight she lost. The fat she hoped was gone forever.  Look at those jeans, the belt, her posture, I’m sure, as she was gettingContinue reading “Just because it zips………….”

Wandering Wednesday: Kaiser Fashion Meltdown, Sacramento’s Toe Sucker

Old people get up early.   The doors at Kaiser’s Coagulation clinic opens at 730am.  Within seconds the room is filled with people.  You get a number and wait for it to be called.    One couple comes in, the woman sits down as her husband get the number.  The woman looks at her husbandContinue reading “Wandering Wednesday: Kaiser Fashion Meltdown, Sacramento’s Toe Sucker”

Waiting for Joan River’s Fashion Police to Throw me out of the Gym

Through the years I have belonged to several Gym memberships throughout Sacramento.  I’ve belonged to posh gyms with shampoo slash conditioners  and deodorant in  shower.  Belonged to the family clubs were members worked up sweat chatting  about working out  and to the bare bones gyms where towels had cords  attached and you showered in the bathroom sink. I likedContinue reading “Waiting for Joan River’s Fashion Police to Throw me out of the Gym”

Here’s my fashion advice – put some clothes on

A man orders food at McDonald’s in Liverpool. Source: The Daily Telegraph BACK in 1837, Hans Christian Andersen penned a tale about a vain emperor who was tricked into believing he was wearing clothes when he was really roaming about starkers. If only Andersen could have seen how his fable would be transformed into real life. Recently,Continue reading “Here’s my fashion advice – put some clothes on”

Miscellaneous Ramblelings about Gym Towels and the American Penis

Although I have lost quite  a bit of weight I still have a long way to go.   So I am back at the gym.  Last year I joined a discount Gym in Natomas  8 miles away.   This price was good and the facilities  was well equipped  but there are no showers, which meant if IContinue reading “Miscellaneous Ramblelings about Gym Towels and the American Penis”

Is it reasonable to dry his shoes on the radiator?

IF NOTHING IN TERMS OF HUMAN FOLLY , never exceed the practice tie his shoes around two supermarket plastic bags in the hope they do not water the days of puddles, approaching a practice could almost compete . In fact, some do not hesitate in times of high humidity, to place their leather shoes on a radiator in the hope that they dryContinue reading “Is it reasonable to dry his shoes on the radiator?”

Imelda Marcos’s shoe collection gathers mold after years of neglect

Imelda Marcos‘s shoes in the Philippine National Museum, where they were damaged by rain from a leaking ceiling last month. Photograph: Bullit Marquez/AP Termites, storms and neglect have damaged Imelda Marcos’s legendary stash of shoes, left behind in the Philippines after she and her dictator husband were driven into US exile by a 1986 popular revolt. HundredsContinue reading “Imelda Marcos’s shoe collection gathers mold after years of neglect”

Clothing for the Big Man (Store Ratings)

Clothing for the big man has always been challenging.  Deranged clothing manufactures charging  premium prices  for bulletproof polyester.   Designing bright floral shirts that can be seen from forty thousand feet.   Who designs these clothes?  Few XXXL men want to wear clothing that brings extra attention to their size. There is good and bad news forContinue reading “Clothing for the Big Man (Store Ratings)”