Presidential Elections 2020 (I can’t, I cant, I CANT!!)

Every presidential election cycle, I tell myself I should get extra sleep the night before. Once I see the map, its on. So there I am in bed with a note pad and pens, surrounded by my love ones, two laptops ,two tablets and my cell phone all turned to a news show. With theContinue reading “Presidential Elections 2020 (I can’t, I cant, I CANT!!)”

Warning signs for Mayor Pete

I was one of the first to note that Pete Buttigieg was breaking out. Indeed, his 7% in our poll is up from 1% last month. A few weeks afterward, however, I noted what I thought were warning signs for Buttigieg: A lack of nonwhite support A lack of working class support A lack of support from moderateContinue reading “Warning signs for Mayor Pete”

Warren: Trump ‘may not even be a free person’ by 2020

‘ (CNN)-President Donald Trump might be in jail by the time Election Day comes around, Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren said on her first full day of campaigning as a declared presidential candidate. “By the time we get to 2020, Donald Trump may not even be President,” Warren said to voters in Cedar Rapids, Iowa,Continue reading “Warren: Trump ‘may not even be a free person’ by 2020”

Free Homes in Japan

Japan has so many vacant homes it’s giving them away By Emiko Jozuka, CNN Okutama, Japan,  Four years ago, Naoko and Takayuki Ida were given a house. For free. It’s a spacious, two-story home nestled amid trees on a winding country road in the small town of Okutama, in Tokyo prefecture. Before moving, the couple and theirContinue reading “Free Homes in Japan”

Donald Trump is TERRIFIED!

By: Lucian K. Truscott IV\ We’ve been dealing with Trump’s lies all wrong. We’ve been totaling them up — 6,420 over 649 days, according to the Washington Post! We’ve been parsing and categorizing them — Trump’s statements are regularly found “false,” or “misleading,” or it “needs context,” or it “lacks evidence,” or it’s “exaggerated,” orContinue reading “Donald Trump is TERRIFIED!”

Facts Fiction and Don Lemon

Perhaps there would be less outrage if the story was told by Wolf Blitzer or Jake Tapper. There are many white men who are OUTRAGED!!!   Here you have a black man stirring the racist pot.    IF a white man said something about a Black man, they’d lose their jobs.    Megan Kelly lost herContinue reading “Facts Fiction and Don Lemon”

Omarosa Wins Primary in Every State

Omarosa wasn’t on any ballot yesterday.  But she won in every state.  Thanks to the President.  If you live outside of Connecticut, Minnesota,Vermont and Wisconsin you may not be aware there were major contests in those states. Especially after 9am on the west coast, as all the media focused on The Presidents tweet, calling hisContinue reading “Omarosa Wins Primary in Every State”

Melania Trump Supports LeBron

  The Trump women seem to be slowly distancing themselves from the President.  First, it seems the first lady prefers CNN to Fox News.  Now in a statement prepare by her spokesperson Stephanie Grisham, wrote to counter his tweet suggesting LeBron isn’t bright.  “It looks like LeBron James is working to do good things onContinue reading “Melania Trump Supports LeBron”

White women like me, we need to talk (about not calling the police)

(CNN)   Did you hear about the white woman who called police in Memphis earlier this month because a black man who wanted to buy a house was trying to take a look at it first? What about the white people who called the police on black people simply for sleeping in their own dorm lounge at Yale, barbecuingContinue reading “White women like me, we need to talk (about not calling the police)”

Fake News? Fox News Blast Donald Trump! There is always Russian Televison

Every now and then I get a little crazy That’s not the way it’s supposed to be Sometimes my vision is a little hazy.  I can’t tell who I should trust or just who I let trust me.  People try to say I act a little funny.  But that’s just a figure of speech toContinue reading “Fake News? Fox News Blast Donald Trump! There is always Russian Televison”