Indian billionaire’s daughter hires 12 servants to serve her at university

  The staff will reportedly be paid about £30,000 a year. (PTI) An unnamed Indian billionaire’s daughter has been dubbed the “poshest” student in the UK after it was claimed that her family is hiring 12 staff members to help her during her studies at a Scottish university. The first-year student at the University ofContinue reading “Indian billionaire’s daughter hires 12 servants to serve her at university”

Sweden: Steel Containers housing students

A ‘before’ picture of one of the containers that will house Swedish students. Shipping containers are set to be rented out to students in a bid to solve Sweden’s chronic housing shortage. The Local has spoken to the company behind them – and to one council feeling the housing strain. 65 mobile homes are currentlyContinue reading “Sweden: Steel Containers housing students”

Mitt Romney: The Slackers or the 47%

Mitt! Mitt! Mitt! What are you thinking? Are You Thinking? We live in a new age, pick your nose and it will be on “You Tube‘ before you get that tissue. So you tell your fans at your 50 grand a plate (hope the chicken wasn’t dry )fundraiser, you wont get support from the slackers cause they dontContinue reading “Mitt Romney: The Slackers or the 47%”

Simmer to Boil (Riots by Jobless in US cities?)

“The public is not happy” “The public knows there is something wrong in this country and there is    You have a lot of kids graduating college can’t find jobs” That’s what happened in Cairo, Tha’s what happend in Madrid .  You dont want those riots here.  “New York City’s Mayor, Michael Bloomberg  said on a radio show.Continue reading “Simmer to Boil (Riots by Jobless in US cities?)”

College girls woo sugar daddies

FACED with high fees and poor job prospects, Chinese students are, like their Western counterparts, taking to the streets – but not in quite the same way. A growing number of “student concubines” are marketing themselves to older, richer men willing to support their studies and pay for a desirable lifestyle. Millions of female studentsContinue reading “College girls woo sugar daddies”