Cities Rising: Sacramento?

By: CityFella Baby boosters, Empty Nesters  and Millennials  are returning to Americas  inner cities.  Oakland‘s downtown populations has tripled in the last few years. High rise residential towers have reshaped the skyline of Austin, Seattle, and San Francisco.    Rising next to the Bay Bridge is the second tallest condo on the west coast isContinue reading “Cities Rising: Sacramento?”

Sacramento Dreaming (that’s me on the 34th floor)

There are defining  moments that never fade from memory.  My defining  moment was in an hotel room in Portland Oregon.  I was sixteen years old  watching Johnny Carson on the 14th floor of the Portland Hilton looking down onto 6th Ave watching the city go by.  I clearly remember thinking this is what I want.Continue reading “Sacramento Dreaming (that’s me on the 34th floor)”