Donald Trump should be Impeached

Donald John Trump the 45th President of the United States of America should be impeached. The US constitution states a president “shall be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of, treason, bribery, or other high crimes or misdemeanours” Treason:  the crime of betraying one’s country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign orContinue reading “Donald Trump should be Impeached”

Hopeless Helpless: Impeaching the President

At one point in my life. Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, ,George H Bush, Bill Clinton and George W Bush and Barrack Obama were my all Presidents. A Look Back I remember listening to the Watergate hearings in school.   I remember when Manson member, Squeaky Fromme tried to take out President FordContinue reading “Hopeless Helpless: Impeaching the President”

Judy Reyher The Lovely Racist

  There is quite a bit of fake news out there.  Some of the news created by my fellow bloggers is fake. A portion of the story is based on fact and the other part is pure fiction.  Some of us cut and paste stories we think our followers might find interesting.  Not all ofContinue reading “Judy Reyher The Lovely Racist”

Elected Officials Discriminating against women?

A recent survey of women on Capitol Hill revealed that in some offices, only male staffers can spend time one-on-one with their male bosses. (Bill O’Leary/The Washington Post) When women can’t get one-on-one time with their bosses By: Catherine Rampell/ Washington Post Can men and women ever just be colleagues? This is no When-Harry-Met-Sally-inspired, retrogradeContinue reading “Elected Officials Discriminating against women?”

Fighting against our self-inflicted sanctions

BY: Robert Ehlert/ The Idaho Statesman The last time I checked, we were reserving economic sanctions for a select club of our sworn enemies: Iran, North Korea and others vying for positions on the Evil Empire list. But not ourselves. Yet here we are beginning Week 2 of GSA — and we don’t mean GeneralContinue reading “Fighting against our self-inflicted sanctions”

What is Sequestration?

It’s a wonky term long used in congressional appropriations staff rooms but now it’s one of the hottest political issues in Washington: Sequestration. But what, exactly is a sequester? Simply put, it’s the formal term for mandatory cuts to federal programs – the process of cordoning off money that may have been authorized by Congress butContinue reading “What is Sequestration?”

Are the Republicans misreading the polls again? The Cliff and what it means to you

During the  November election  Republican  strategist’s  misread the polls. Will they misread them again?   Or will they they choose to honor the “Norquist Pledge” ? What is the Norquist Pledge? The Pledge,” the Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) Taxpayer Protection Pledge I, ______, pledge to the taxpayers of the ______ district of the state of ______ andContinue reading “Are the Republicans misreading the polls again? The Cliff and what it means to you”

Gridlock Washington (No end in sight) a new strategy is needed : Just saying for Wednesday,Novemember 23,2011

What happens when your elected  official aren’t representing you? In a resent CBS/New York Times poll, the approval rating for Congress is 9%.  A Millionare Tax is popular in the red states often leading 2 to 1 in the polls. Over forty percent of Republicans polled,  are in favor of a Millionares Tax, 65% percentContinue reading “Gridlock Washington (No end in sight) a new strategy is needed : Just saying for Wednesday,Novemember 23,2011”