55% of Israelis think recent lockdown was politically motivated

The survey also highlighted the lack of trust in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to manage the coronavirus crisis. By: Maayan Jaffee-Hoffman/Jerusalem Post More than half of Israelis believe politics and not health was the motivation behind the current national lockdown, according to a poll released Tuesday by the Israel Democracy Institute (IDI). When broken downContinue reading “55% of Israelis think recent lockdown was politically motivated”

Does He Give a F*** ?

One thing is very clear about the 45th President of the United States, he doesn’t like structure or to be told what to do, he’s a man who prefer to use his own instincts.  On this election cycle he seems to be on the wrong side of American voters. Losing to Lose? Covid 19 MoreContinue reading “Does He Give a F*** ?”

How Covid-19 Has Changed Gay Men’s Sex Lives

Like other people, many men who have sex with men have done all they could to avoid the coronavirus. Now some are braving renewed contact while balancing risk. By; David Tuller/California Healthline/ Mens Health Dr. Jeffrey Klausner, a primary care physician in Los Angeles, has treated gay men for decades. Since the start of theContinue reading “How Covid-19 Has Changed Gay Men’s Sex Lives”

Lebanon: Ethiopian maids dumped outside embassy

  Lebanon’s economy is collapsing with the country’s currency losing 70% of its value in the past six months heightened by the coronavirus pandemic. Many of the country’s middle class claim they can no longer afford to pay their domestic maids.  Maids have been dumped outside a Beirut embassy, amid an ongoing economic crisis inContinue reading “Lebanon: Ethiopian maids dumped outside embassy”

Japan: Majority of firms cutting jobs and pay to survive pandemic

A woman crosses a street in Tokyo’s glitzy Ginza area on Tuesday. | AFP-JIJI By: Tetsushi Kajimoto/Reuters A majority of firms said they have taken steps — from layoffs to pay cuts — to cope with the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic on the world’s third-largest economy, according to a monthly poll.   The governmentContinue reading “Japan: Majority of firms cutting jobs and pay to survive pandemic”

Germany: Advice for sex and dating during the coronavirus crisis?

How do you get close to a potential romantic partner during the pandemic? Photo: DPA By Rachal Loxton/The Local Some countries have issued frank sex advice for single people, while others have kept it vague. What’s the official advice in Germany when it comes to dating in the time of corona? Since the height ofContinue reading “Germany: Advice for sex and dating during the coronavirus crisis?”

“First in the US?”Lassen Country California closes business

  200 miles northeast of Sacramento lies Lassen County.   Lassen County, has a population of 30,000 Lassen County was one of two counties in California that had no confirmed Covid-19 cases since March 4. As of Wednesday, the county has six cases, prompting public health officials to rescind its phase two variance  their orders forContinue reading ““First in the US?”Lassen Country California closes business”

As Europe comes out of lockdown, what lessons can be learned from Sweden?

Life is still not normal in Sweden and there are big drawbacks to the looser strategy, but we can learn from what has and hasn’t worked here. Photo: Jessica Gow / TT By: Catherine Edwards/The Local As countries across Europe ease their coronavirus lockdowns, many may look to Sweden to see how the Scandinavian countryContinue reading “As Europe comes out of lockdown, what lessons can be learned from Sweden?”

“Just a Rude person you are” Fun and Frolick with President Lysol

  “Fun and Frolic with President Lysol” In an attempt to strengthen his support with women voters.   President Lysol attacked yet another female reporter.  On Tuesday, CBS”s Paula Reid asked him “why he has yet to announce plan that would get the millions of Americans seeking unemployment aid amid the pandemic back to work?”  Lysol:Continue reading ““Just a Rude person you are” Fun and Frolick with President Lysol”

I Will Not Be Attending Your Exhausting Zoom Gathering

Photo illustration by Slate. Photo by Getty Images Plus. By Christina Cauterucci/Slate At the beginning of this stretch of self-isolation, I craved the sight of my loved ones’ faces. Seeing them on my laptop screen and hearing about their lives would briefly drive out the loneliness and disorientation of my newly apartment-bound life, lending myContinue reading “I Will Not Be Attending Your Exhausting Zoom Gathering”