There will be consequences if I am served a slice of sheet cake from Costco

I’m a BIG fan of Costco I love everything about the organization. Even the employees seem to like their jobs. Hands down they have one of the best beef hot dogs around. Don’t get me started on the Kirkland Mac and Cheese and those rotisserie chickens ooooooh sweet mama! If your having a party, itsContinue reading “There will be consequences if I am served a slice of sheet cake from Costco”

Conflict of Interest at City Hall? The Big (Wal Mart)Box Vote

What is Conflict of interest?   Answer:  A conflict between the private interests and the official responsibilities of a person in a position of trust. Local Donations to the Sacramento Mayor and Council Members From Wal Mart From the Sacramento Bee Mayor Kevin Johnson $800,000 Jay Schenirer foundation received $50,000. Councilwoman Angelique Ashby summer camp program received $7,000. DarrellContinue reading “Conflict of Interest at City Hall? The Big (Wal Mart)Box Vote”

Confessions of an ex-car salesman

How to avoid the trickery and get a good deal on a new car I’m a disgruntled ex-car-sales guy. Which means I know all the gimmicks car-sales guys and dealerships use to increase their profits. My intention here is to help people negotiate better car deals by having more tools available when they walk ontoContinue reading “Confessions of an ex-car salesman”

Yellow Cake with Chocolate Icing

I’ll buy the cake….for 10 people….no problem… Yellow birthday cake with Chocolate Icing got it ..  No shopping for the perfect gift, no cheesy gift cards, Cake. Being the last minute person, I’m known for.   Five hours before the birthday party in the Bay Area , I head over to Nemo’s Bakery…   FiveContinue reading “Yellow Cake with Chocolate Icing”

Lifestyle Changes (shopping closer to home)

For decades ,Wal Mart “America’s retailer” built its stores on the edge of town where land cost were low.   People drove across town to shop at its stores. Rising gas prices is slowly reshaping where we shop.    Driving cross town can reverse cost savings as a result many american’s are shopping closer toContinue reading “Lifestyle Changes (shopping closer to home)”

Torn. A Plastic dilemma

Remember when you went to supermarket and the checker would ask you paper or plastic? Today at most stores its plastic or plastic.    Small plastic bags to Mega plastic bags large enough to hold a screaming toddler( not that you would ever place someones screaming child in a large plastic bag-even though that childContinue reading “Torn. A Plastic dilemma”