American Blood on his hands

His need for attention and praise is part of his narcissism. This narcissism allowed himself to taped by famed journalist Bob Woodward who taped him on 18 separate occasions from Dec. 5, 2019 to July 21, 2020. Bob Woodward, is best known for his work with Carl Bernstein for the Washington Post on the WatergateContinue reading “American Blood on his hands”

What Happens When a Wildfire Meets a Pandemic

A home in flames in Vacaville, California.Paul Kitagaki Jr./Zuma The potential dangers of smoke mingling with the coronavirus in people’s lungs have doctors worried. By: Lydia O’Connor/HuffingtonPost Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, a dreaded question has hung heavy over Californians: What happens if a bad wildfire season hits and we’re still in the throes of COVID-19? With about twoContinue reading “What Happens When a Wildfire Meets a Pandemic”