THE MASK: 103 years between Pandemics

Historians tells us 103 years ago, during the flu pandemic, Americans wore masks. In most of the states mask wearing was not manditory. Many cities in the United States (particularly on the West Coast ) created ordinances requiring citizens to wear masks. Throughout the country most people complied, as schools, theaters, public places were closed.Continue reading “THE MASK: 103 years between Pandemics”

Travel: France set to reopen borders to American tourists from June 9th

    French president Emmanuel Macron has laid out full details of France’s reopening plan, including the relaxing of border restrictions for visitors from outside the EU. Macron on Thursday set out the detailed timetable for reopening the country, including reopening bars and cafés and lifting the curfew. And there was one date particularly important toContinue reading “Travel: France set to reopen borders to American tourists from June 9th”

Britain: Mom on lockdown ate whole boxes of Chocolates every day dropped five dress sizes

By: Leah Fox & Jonathan Coles/UK Mirror Natalie Willis, 44, from Moulton,England was so depressed during the first set of national restrictions she binged on snacks and piled on the pounds – reaching 196 pounds at her heaviest. A mum who scoffed a whole box of chocolates daily during lockdown has dropped five dress sizesContinue reading “Britain: Mom on lockdown ate whole boxes of Chocolates every day dropped five dress sizes”

People die or they leave’: Putin fails in promise to repopulate Russia

By: Theo MerzSun Even before the pandemic struck, Gorokhovets, a picturesque medieval church town some five hours’ drive from Moscow, was dying. As other businesses struggle, at least one sector is growing: the settlement recently saw the opening of its third funeral parlour. “People either die or they leave,” said Yulia Balandina, the manager ofContinue reading “People die or they leave’: Putin fails in promise to repopulate Russia”

Spring is Near and Covid 19 isn’t over.

Like most people in the world, I’m looking forward returning to normalcy. I want to have breakfast at Carol’s in West Sacramento. Dinner at “The Porch” in midtown. I wanna walk down a busy L street with people drinking and pedaling on those brew bikes carts. I miss the crowds of bicyclist and all thingsContinue reading “Spring is Near and Covid 19 isn’t over.”

Who is responsible for the growing homeless crisis in Sacramento?

By: Ananda Rochita/KXTV-ABC10 The homeless crisis in Sacramento is impacting more people today than it has in recent history. According to the most recent Point-In-Time count conducted throughout Sacramento County, more than 5,500 people are experiencing homelessness on a given night. That is an increase of nearly 20% from 2017 and just over 2,650 people in 2015. TheContinue reading “Who is responsible for the growing homeless crisis in Sacramento?”

Parents Of Color Still Have Reservations About Returning Kids To Classrooms

By: Nicole Nixon/ Toni Tinker isn’t sure if she’ll send her second grader back to class when Sacramento City Unified School District reopens for younger students on April 8. Tinker, like many parents of color across California, is concerned about students returning while counties are still in the most-restrictive purple tier. And even if SacramentoContinue reading “Parents Of Color Still Have Reservations About Returning Kids To Classrooms”

Texas is Corona Free?

Greg Abbott the Governor of America’s second largest state may believe it is, as he is lifting the mask mandate next week. He is also allowing businesses in the state to open at 100% capacity. Too many Texans have been sidelined from employment opportunities. Too many small business owners have struggled to pay their bills.Continue reading “Texas is Corona Free?”

Vaccinate before opening,Teachers First!

For many years my wife and I volunteered to help at our childrens school. We assisted in the class rooms and where ever needed in the school. We’ve seen the good and the bad. Misbehaving children, interfering with your childs ability the learn that day . We have heard parnets assigning blame, insisting part theContinue reading “Vaccinate before opening,Teachers First!”

And there was Snow in 2 C

March 2020: The world was a terrifying place. It was scarier than an nuclear missile from North Korea. Corona Virus I’ve lived through Herpies, Aids, H1N1 and various flu’s and yet somehow this was different. I couldn’t tell you, but one day I was scared. Someone died in Washinton State, then other places. Companies wereContinue reading “And there was Snow in 2 C”