Adventures in online Dating 2014E: ” Why be lonely there is always Craigslist”

By Cityfella: If you’ve been in a relationship for twenty years or more.  The world has change. There are dating sites, hook up sites, sites for gays, sites for heterosexuals, sites for a combination of everything.  However, Craigslist, a site based in San Francisco could almost be a clearing house for nearly every thing knownContinue reading “Adventures in online Dating 2014E: ” Why be lonely there is always Craigslist””

Craigslist Missed Connections

Its a fact of life: the Craigslist Missed Connections section — where people profess their love for strangers they’ve briefly encountered — is a special source of daily laughs. Oftentimes, however, that amusement comes from downright horror. The things some Craigslisters write is enough to make you ask, “Is this for real?” Below, check out someContinue reading “Craigslist Missed Connections”

Confessions of an ex-car salesman

How to avoid the trickery and get a good deal on a new car I’m a disgruntled ex-car-sales guy. Which means I know all the gimmicks car-sales guys and dealerships use to increase their profits. My intention here is to help people negotiate better car deals by having more tools available when they walk ontoContinue reading “Confessions of an ex-car salesman”

‘If you move to Paris on a whim, be prepared”

For this week’s My French Career we meet tour guide for Localers, Thomas Butler, 28, from Dublin. He made an impulsive decision to move to the capital three years ago. Anyone can do it, he says, they just need to be prepared. How did you end up living in Paris? Well I came here onContinue reading “‘If you move to Paris on a whim, be prepared””

Local Pet Owner Seeks Cat Exorcist

As Seen in Sacramento‘s  Craigslist (pets) desperately seeking exorcist for my cat Seeking pet exorcist to perform exorcism on my evil cat noodles, possessed by the devil itself.   She was so loving until a few weeks ago and now she sleeps on my face to suffocate me.    I  find teeth in my bed and my kids wake up to her scratching  their eyes.  Her fur is coming out in clumpsContinue reading “Local Pet Owner Seeks Cat Exorcist”

That Mythical Magical #9

When you are super young you cant wait to grow older.    How old are you?  I’m am 8 and a half. The rush to 18 means independence.  21 means you can have a Budweiser with the boys. Then time passes at the speed of light and one day your 29.     All those thingsContinue reading “That Mythical Magical #9”