Paying my credit cards on time cost me $$$

“We live in a different world, then where we came from “ I live via electronics and plastic.  I rarely write a check.  Most of my debts are automatically deducted from my checking account.  Less than a hand full of my bills are mailed to me.    This is the new world. Since I’m neverContinue reading “Paying my credit cards on time cost me $$$”

Hotel Confidential: Anger over his credit card leads to jail time

This is 62 year old James Parsley of Gonzalez, Texas.  He was recently arrested for driving his 2006 GMC Sierra into the lobby of the Comfort Inn and Suites in Alva Oklahoma From news reports. Mr Parsley checked into the hotel using his debit card.  When he checked out he paid cash.   When he checkedContinue reading “Hotel Confidential: Anger over his credit card leads to jail time”

DisneyGate: Lisa Serna Mayoraga Sentenced

Lisa Serna Mayorga was sentenced in Sacramento Superior Court Monday  to five years of probation and 27o days in jail for felony misappropriation of city funds Ms Serna Mayorga, daughter of  the late Joe Serna former mayor of Sacramento. Serna-Mayorga ,received a city credit card when she was the council operations manager for the current mayor Kevin Johnson. SernaContinue reading “DisneyGate: Lisa Serna Mayoraga Sentenced”

HOTEL CONFIDENTIAL: Safety 101 (Follow their lead-let them help you)

Waldorf Astoria Lobby, New York City Most hotel chains have systems in place for the safety for the guest .  These begin from the moment the guest walks in and are in place until the guest checks out. Most chains will ask for credit card and ID this is to reduce fraud. They will write your roomContinue reading “HOTEL CONFIDENTIAL: Safety 101 (Follow their lead-let them help you)”

Top 5 Sacramento Based Stores for 2012

Most of the top local stories had involved Mayor Kevin Johnson.  Sacramento‘s biggest story was the collapse of the Downtown Arena.  Mayor Johnson went for broke and the deal collapsed in the eleventh hour, when the Maloof family, owner of the Sacramento Kings withdrew .   The Mayor’s aid and friend Lisa Serna Mayorga  was recently arrestedContinue reading “Top 5 Sacramento Based Stores for 2012”

DisneyGate: Lisa Serna Mayorga Jailed

Lisa Serna Mayorga,  daughter of the late Mayor Joe Serna and is the sister of Sacramento County Supervisor Phil Serna was arrested yesterday. She is accused of misappropriation and grand theft of public funds, forgery and making worthless checks. Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson’s’ former council operations manager charged over $19,000 for personal items, trips and vacations including a Disneyland vacation.Continue reading “DisneyGate: Lisa Serna Mayorga Jailed”

Serna-Mayorga Credit Card Scandal or Disneygate ( Calls for her Head?)

We conducted an unscientific survey in Cesar Chavez park yesterday,across from City Hall.  The few people who knew about the credit card Scandal were outraged about the use of the card in Disneyland.    The feeling of how dare she go to Disneyland!    Surprised us! One man said, how dare she take a vacation on the city…Continue reading “Serna-Mayorga Credit Card Scandal or Disneygate ( Calls for her Head?)”

Lisa Serna-Mayorga embezzler? Credit Card Probe Widens……

The summer of 2012 hasn’t been kind to Sacramento’s Mayor Kevin Johnson.  The  newly re-elected mayor was shunned by the City’s Democratic  leadership.     The Oakland A’s public embarrassment, the Sacramento City Council voting to strip  his authority to appoint the office manager.   Now a credit card scandal involving  his good friend and former office manager Lisa Serna-Mayorga.  MrsContinue reading “Lisa Serna-Mayorga embezzler? Credit Card Probe Widens……”