Tourist: Hey Uber, Take me to the most Dangerous place in town

Australian Tourist asked Uber driver to take him to the most dangerous place in Rio de Janiero Brazil  By: Vanessa Brown/ au When it comes to making stupid decisions after a few beers while on holidays, this Australian tourist may well take the cake. After travelling around Central and South America as part of aContinue reading “Tourist: Hey Uber, Take me to the most Dangerous place in town”

merry STUPID christmas (self inflected wounds)

  Its 2018, another year filled with stupid adults who shouldn’t leave their homes without professional supervision. _____________________________________________________   Despite all the warnings, every year shoppers fill the cars with gifts and return to the mall to shop.  Once their shopping is completed they return to an empty car with a broken window.   At anContinue reading “merry STUPID christmas (self inflected wounds)”

He said his name was “Ben Dover”

John Chestnut Park in Palm Harbor,Florida closes at 6pm.  Last Tuesday, Pinellas County Deputy K, Baldwin approached a man in the park who was there after the park closed.  The Deputy, preparing to issue a trespass warning, asked for his name. The man in the told the Deputy his name was “Ben Dover” Mr Dover, gaveContinue reading “He said his name was “Ben Dover””

Smearing bodily fluids on roommates things – and avoiding a record – defines peak white privilege

The case of a relative handslap for a repugnant act by a former student illustrates how white privilege can work By: Blue Telusma/ The Grio This week 18-year-old Brianna Brochu learned white privilege has it’s perks, particularly when it comes to the criminal justice system. Monday, the former University of Hartford student — who was notoriously accusedContinue reading “Smearing bodily fluids on roommates things – and avoiding a record – defines peak white privilege”

The Countess Lu, wilds out in Palm Beach! Is she the next Remy Ma?

” Money can’t buy you class”  Countess Gone Wild! The official Mug Shot. (That face would cut a bitch) Luann de Lesseps, the sassy brunette star  of  the Real Housewives of New York . Was a one women Wrecking Crew in Ritzy Palm Beach Florida. Reports say the LuAnn wasn’t ” Countess” like, as sheContinue reading “The Countess Lu, wilds out in Palm Beach! Is she the next Remy Ma?”

Gun vs Sex Toy

  Earlier this month a Homeowner calls the Martin (Florida) County Sheriff Department about a man sleeping on his property. When the Sheriff arrived they found the suspect, seventy one year old Donald Hornback sleeping on the property next to a bicycle. The owner wanted him gone! The suspect had all his belonging spread outContinue reading “Gun vs Sex Toy”

He Urinated on the Deputy

  Placer County Deputies noticed ,Sacramento resident, Steven Holley was acting strangely around the Miners Ravine Natures Preserve in Granite Bay on Thursday.. In a short struggle with the deputies, the 55 year old’s dingy sprung a leak and he urinated on the Deputy. The Deputies found methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia, on the moist suspect. Perhaps,Continue reading “He Urinated on the Deputy”

Look Out! She gotta a Tampon!

Warning: If you easily offended, grossed out. KEEP READING On Monday, St Petersburg, Florida Police was called to brawl in progress. Twenty eight year old Tecora Fields  was involved in the brawl. Andre Sousa  the officer investigating the brawl said, Tecora told the officer to “suck her pussy” and added  “I’ll hit you with myContinue reading “Look Out! She gotta a Tampon!”

Someone is on the roof of my car? Really?

Elizabeth Addy  found her husband’s last nerve! The two visited a few bars in area and Richard Addy 69, had enough and left the bar without Elizabeth. Officer Christopher Ruediger of the Stuart Florida Police Department, noticed Elizabeth 50, on top of an 2011 Toyota Sienna Minivan as it came to a stop at anContinue reading “Someone is on the roof of my car? Really?”

Stuck on Stupid (S.O.S) in St Petersburg Florida

Let’s give 19 year old Deondre Thomas of St Petersburg, Florida a pass.  After all he is 19 and smoking a lil MJ doesn’t make one fast on his feet. Young Home Cheese was pulled over for a tinted glass violation. (In many states you cant used dark limo tint on the windshield and front windows)Continue reading “Stuck on Stupid (S.O.S) in St Petersburg Florida”