He said his name was “Ben Dover”

John Chestnut Park in Palm Harbor,Florida closes at 6pm.  Last Tuesday, Pinellas County Deputy K, Baldwin approached a man in the park who was there after the park closed.  The Deputy, preparing to issue a trespass warning, asked for his name.

The man in the told the Deputy his name was “Ben Dover”

Mr Dover, gave the cop the middle finger and got in the deputy’s face “as if he was going to hit him.” The man then fled on foot, but was apprehended after a short chase.Image result for police foot chase in park gif

Dover (gasp) was not his real name.   His real name is (horns blowing)

Andrew Leighton.   The 22 year old is a Palm Harbor resident.

Mr Leighton, was charged with obstruction by a disguised person and resisting an officer both misdemeanors.  After posting a $300 bond, he was released from the Pinellas county jail.  It’s a good thing Andrew Leighton IS his real name, Ben Dover could be problematic in Jail. (Just Sayin)



Smearing bodily fluids on roommates things – and avoiding a record – defines peak white privilege

The case of a relative handslap for a repugnant act by a former student illustrates how white privilege can work

By: Blue Telusma/ The Grio

This week 18-year-old Brianna Brochu learned white privilege has it’s perks, particularly when it comes to the criminal justice system.

Monday, the former University of Hartford student — who was notoriously accused of harassing her Black roommate by smearing bodily fluids on the girl’s backpack and tampering with other items – received a special form of probation that could allow her to avoid a criminal record.

Her former roommate, Chennel “Jazzy” Rowe, attended Brochu’s hearing in Superior Court in Hartford and told Judge Omar Williams that she did not oppose Brochu’s request for accelerated rehabilitation. Brochu will have to perform 200 hours of community service — including 50 at a literacy organization in Greater Hartford and 50 at a social services group. If she completes those requirements and stays out of trouble, the charges of breach of peace and criminal mischief will be dismissed after two years.


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The Countess Lu, wilds out in Palm Beach! Is she the next Remy Ma?

” Money can’t buy you class” 

Countess Gone Wild!

Palm Beach police released Luann de Lesseps' mugshot after her arrest on Sunday morning.

The official Mug Shot.

(That face would cut a bitch)

Luann de Lesseps, the sassy brunette star  of  the Real Housewives of New York .

Was a one women Wrecking Crew in Ritzy Palm Beach Florida.

Reports say the LuAnn wasn’t ” Countess” like, as she went all Gangsta on the Law. kicking an officer and threatening to “Kill them all” 

NYC LU (her new street name) was arrested early Sunday morning.  NYC LU was charged with  battery of an officer, disorderly intoxication, resisting arrest and corruption by threat against a public servant .

NYC LU, was making thugish moves down in Florida.  With a little juice  NYC LU makes Nicky and Cardi b  look like cheerleaders in middle school.   She has more in common with  Remy Ma’s  and Little Kim.

When it came time to be good.  NYC LU apologized.  After all, less than a year ago she married her last husband Tom D’Agostino Jr. in Palm Beach.  That marriage lasted less then seven months . She said being there brought up long-buried emotions and perhaps she wanted to burn it down (kidding)

The good news, she doesn’t have to wait for “Ma’ and Fat Joe to bail her out.  A judge released  her without bond but she’s due back in court on January 25.

Waiting for the RE-MIX with Remy Ma! 



Merry “Thugish” Christmas

Gun vs Sex Toy


Earlier this month a Homeowner calls the Martin (Florida) County Sheriff Department about a man sleeping on his property.

When the Sheriff arrived they found the suspect, seventy one year old Donald Hornback sleeping on the property next to a bicycle.

The owner wanted him gone!

The suspect had all his belonging spread out around him, including a can of Steel Reserve beer.

(The following is a CityFella Dramatization )

The Sheriff told the suspect to leave the Property.

The suspect told the Sheriff…

Ya’ll anit got no right to take me from this land!T

(Then started singing)

And I am telling you, I’m not going!  

This the best land, I’ll ever know !

There’s no way I can ever go
No, no, no, no way
No, no, no, no way

The Sheriff’s drew their guns

As the suspect started gathering up in his back pack , he picked a super dildo and started swinging it at the officers and the landowner

(He started singing again as he was swinging the super dildo) 

I’m staying, I’m staying
And you, and you, you’re gonna let me
Oh, you’re gonna let me
The Sheriffs with their guns drawn considered shooting the suspect, but they were concerned about the super dildo’s welfare. 
They threw the suspect in the back of the squad car. and the super dildo rode up front with the officers. 
(What really happened)
The owner wanted him off his property.  The suspect said the cops “had no right to remove him from the victim’s property,” 
As the suspect gathered up his belongings in a backpack, the Old Gangstah “picked up a large dildo and began to swing it around at the officers and the victim on scene.”

Hornback was subsequently disarmed and taken into custody. Pictured above, he is free on $750 bond.

Hornback was charging him with trespassing, a misdemeanor. He is scheduled for arraignment on December 14.

No word on the dildo.


He Urinated on the Deputy


Placer County Deputies noticed ,Sacramento resident, Steven Holley was acting strangely around the Miners Ravine Natures Preserve in Granite Bay on Thursday..

In a short struggle with the deputies, the 55 year old’s dingy sprung a leak and he urinated on the Deputy.

The Deputies found methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia, on the moist suspect.

Perhaps, Holley will used the patent”I was looking for a rest room and how did those get in there?”defense.



Look Out! She gotta a Tampon!

Warning: If you easily offended, grossed out. KEEP READING

On Monday, St Petersburg, Florida Police was called to brawl in progress. Twenty eight year old Tecora Fields  Tecora Fields (left) pinged a wet and used tampon at St Petersburg Police Department officer André Sousa (right on a separate occasion) as he tried to break up a brawl she was involved inwas involved in the brawl.

Andre Sousa Tecora Fields (left) pinged a wet and used tampon at St Petersburg Police Department officer André Sousa (right on a separate occasion) as he tried to break up a brawl she was involved in the officer investigating the brawl said, Tecora told the officer to “suck her pussy” and added  “I’ll hit you with my tampon you bitch!”

The officer said  Tecora  “was then seen with both her hands in her genital area, with her pants open.” She was then observed “throwing a wet white paper object”

The wet used Tampon hit this officer shoulder (it was intended for his mouth)

After flinging the Tampon,she was off…… towards a nearby house but the officers taser ended her run to freedom.

Fields was charged with aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer, a felony. The crime was carried out, a criminal complaint notes, “by use of a deadly weapon”  The used tampon.”

Tocora posted bond as her story goes global.



Someone is on the roof of my car? Really?

Elizabeth Addy  found her husband’s last nerve! The two visited a few bars in area and Richard Addy 69, had enough and left the bar without Elizabeth.

Officer Christopher Ruediger of the Stuart Florida Police Department, noticed Elizabeth 50, on top of an 2011 Toyota Sienna Minivan as it came to a stop at an intersection.  Elizabeth was yelling and waving her hands at him.

The officer did a traffic stop and helped Elizabeth from the roof of the minivan. Mr Addy stood in the median.

Elizabeth didn’t say or mention why she climbed on to the roof of the Toyota, but she did say while up there she did a lot of screaming and banging.

Another Woman on Top of Minivan Story

This man drove 100 miles an hour with his wife on the hood of the Minivan

She had to have strong hands!

(Click Link for this fast moving story)



Richard’s story (brace yourself) is curious at best.  He did NOT know his wife was on the roof.   UNTIL, he stopped at the first traffic light.  That’s when he heard her banging.  He continued to drive with Lizzy banging her heart out BECAUSE he didn’t have a cell phone to call police.  He drove to the Martin County Courthouse in order to find a police presence.

When he did not, he continued to drive until the officer stopped him.

Office Ruediger, noticed a strong odor of alcohol coming from Richard.

Richard was arrested for reckless driving, a misdemeanor and permitting a passenger to ride on the exterior of a vehicle.  Richard, pleaded not guilty to both charges

Richard drove six miles with Lizzy on the roof banging her heart out, lets hope she was wearing slacks.