The Author of Boy Erased Hopes His Experience in Conversion Therapy Makes People Angry

Focus Features “I’m aiming an arrow directly into the heart of America.” That was Joel Edgerton’s promise to Boy Erased author Garrard Conley from the very beginning when Edgerton began writing and directing the film adaptation of Conley’s vulnerable memoir about his experience with “conversion therapy.” By: Elena Hilton\ It was a risk for Conley to shareContinue reading “The Author of Boy Erased Hopes His Experience in Conversion Therapy Makes People Angry”

Is Punk the New F Word?

  The word has been used to bully gay black boys for decades. By: Charles Stephens/ The I have always associated creativity with a sense of pleasure, and simultaneously, a sense of danger. Self-expression in my mind conjures feelings of the forbidden. Perhaps much of this comes from my Southern black boyhood, as IContinue reading “Is Punk the New F Word?”

Thirteen sure-fire ways to lose your French friends

Photo: nullplus /Depositphotos If you want to keep your French friends, then DO NOT do anything on this list. There’s a myriad of irritating things you could do to put off potential friends pretty much anywhere, like ordering the most expensive thing on the menu and asking to split the bill, or retelling that oneContinue reading “Thirteen sure-fire ways to lose your French friends”

Eight weird habits you’ll pick up in Germany

In Germany men sit down when taking a pee. Photo: DPA When you go back the homeland for your Christmas hols don’t be surprised if people look at you a bit funny – you’ve probably picked up one of these peculiarly German habits. Not crossing the street until it’s green Berlin’s famous Ampelmann. Photo: DPAContinue reading “Eight weird habits you’ll pick up in Germany”

The quirky Spanish habits you can’t help picking up if you live in Spain

If you’ve moved to Spain, chances are you have picked up some Spanish habits. How many of these do you do?   Kissing people – even strangers Photo: Simon Blackley/Flickr  Kissing as a form of greeting is an alien and often horrific concept for Anglos, who would much prefer a firm handshake or, even better,Continue reading “The quirky Spanish habits you can’t help picking up if you live in Spain”

RACE: We need to talk

My initial reaction to the Starbuck story was wow, followed by are you mad? I agree with CEO Howard Schultz, we need to talk about race, however at business? envision long lines heated discussions, with regular Starbucks customers caught in the middle. I have a child who works for Starbucks.   Like their father, theyContinue reading “RACE: We need to talk”

China: Ancient villages, cultures reported being lost

The village of Jiazhao in northern China’s Shanxi Province, surrounded by cement and gas plants due to its close location to Taiyuan, the capital, suffers constant, severe air pollution. The village is known for its exquisite brick carving, which is one of the intangible culture heritages in China. By Lu Feiran/Shanghai THE beauty ofContinue reading “China: Ancient villages, cultures reported being lost”

Latino Disconnect: We Deliver a Limited Perspective of Ourselves

Last week Soldanela Rivera  participated on a panel discussion during the New York International Latino Film Festival titled “Through Her eyes: A Latina’s Perspective in Media”. The other panelists and I -Olga Merediz, Amerian Broadway, TV, and film actress; Olga Segura, Actress; Dr. Clara E. Rodríguez, Professor of Sociology at Fordham University; and moderator GalinaContinue reading “Latino Disconnect: We Deliver a Limited Perspective of Ourselves”