Hotel Confidential: Miss “It”

Her high heels announced her entrance into the hotel  with extra  loud clacking, she walked with purpose. Within mega seconds,  Miss It , loudly asked if  there was someone in the back who could help her,  she wanted to go to bed!  There was only person ahead of her. but for Miss it , oneContinue reading “Hotel Confidential: Miss “It””

Customer Service: Somedays it hurts to smile

Stories! Stories! Stories!  When you work with the public, stories are a part of the job.   There are many types or stories.  Wonderful stories of weddings, the birth of a new child, a once in a lifetime vacation complete with picture and videos.  If your a man of a certain age, you may have aContinue reading “Customer Service: Somedays it hurts to smile”

She helped him find his mind!

It not new.  Because of smart phones and social media we get to see and witnesses of bad behavior and people who see it for the first time are shocked.   Bad behavior is everywhere , on planes, in supermarkets, banks and in this story a hotel. Legend has is ,and she is a legend toContinue reading “She helped him find his mind!”

Spanking the Demanding Customer

photo: Google Tantrums, Threats, and Violence:  For a free drink A Career of Bad Behavior There are some people who believe they’ll get better service, upgrades, if they are demanding.      Many of these people believe loud and obnoxious, is an effective tool in getting what you want! The prize is can range  fromContinue reading “Spanking the Demanding Customer”

United Airline Crew Stared as disabled man crawled off plane

D’Arcee Neal ordered a wheelchair before he left San Francisco. The wheelchair would be waiting for him in Washington.  He waited for the passengers to disembark the plane and then another 15 minutes as airport employees searched for an aisle chair — a narrow wheelchair that fits in an airplane’s aisle. Needing to use theContinue reading “United Airline Crew Stared as disabled man crawled off plane”

Listen to the customer service call from hell from the “Worst Company in America”

So this is what it takes to be voted the worst company in America. Anybody who has ever disconnected a service or canceled a gym membership over the phone knows just how stubborn representatives can be in their quest to keep your patronage, but tech media host Veronica Belmont and former Engadget editor-in-charge and (oh, the irony)Continue reading “Listen to the customer service call from hell from the “Worst Company in America””

Save Money-Live Better and Wait

By CityFella March 27, 2014 (9pm) Wal Mart Supercenter, West Sacramento Needed a late night Blender.    (the Supercenter is open 24 hours)  The blender I chose  had a dented box.  Opened the box, everything was Okay.   Picked up a couple of  items and figured check out would be fast. Check out was aContinue reading “Save Money-Live Better and Wait”

Hotel Confidential: The six week Ghost

A robbery, then a murder suicide in the first two months after the  hotel opens .   Every fall a ghost visits the hotel.  Locked electric doors open at night,   Many of the hotel housekeepers say they have seen him on the first floor.   Some of the employees are amused others are frightened.Continue reading “Hotel Confidential: The six week Ghost”

McDonald’s cashier beats back unruly customers

A cashier at a New York fast food restaurant has been charged with felony assault for beating two unruly customers with a metal object during an argument. The women remain hospitalized in serious condition, police said. The incident occurred at a McDonald’s on West 3rd Street about 12:30 a.m. Wednesday. The two 24-year-old women enteredContinue reading “McDonald’s cashier beats back unruly customers”