Conflict of Interest at City Hall? The Big (Wal Mart)Box Vote

What is Conflict of interest?   Answer:  A conflict between the private interests and the official responsibilities of a person in a position of trust. Local Donations to the Sacramento Mayor and Council Members From Wal Mart From the Sacramento Bee Mayor Kevin Johnson $800,000 Jay Schenirer foundation received $50,000. Councilwoman Angelique Ashby summer camp program received $7,000. DarrellContinue reading “Conflict of Interest at City Hall? The Big (Wal Mart)Box Vote”

Wal Mart Raining on Sacramento Politicians may result in more Wal Marts

Wal Mart hasn’t built a superstore in Sacramento  in years…   But that might change…..  As the city is considering changing its big box store policy.     Will those members of the council who accepted money from Wal Mart abstain? According to the Bee,  Wal Mart has donated $800,000 to Mayor Kevin Johnson andContinue reading “Wal Mart Raining on Sacramento Politicians may result in more Wal Marts”

Friday’s Mashed Potatoes 06/14/13

Sunday: Neil Patrick Harris is Bigger!  Harvey Fierstein and Cyndi Lauper are going to be Richer! After winning six Tonys — including Best Musical — this past weekend, Kinky Boots will kick off a national tour beginning in Las Vegas in September 2014. Monday:  Good thing we live in the US of A.  The Russians and Chinese peopleContinue reading “Friday’s Mashed Potatoes 06/14/13”

Sacramento City Council Approves Budget and gives themselves a bonus.

Sacramento City Council members earn $55,000 a year.  Last night five members (plus the mayor) voted to gift themselves $43,500 in discretionary monies. The bonanza was cleverly drafted into a budget proposal that would increase police and fire personal as well as restore other city services. When citizens passed  Measure U  to temporarily increase taxes,Continue reading “Sacramento City Council Approves Budget and gives themselves a bonus.”

Looking Sideways: Despite deficit, Sacramento City Council wants 400,000 in slush funds

Disneyland for everyone !!     Apparently, the city council  views Measure U as a bonanza.   Sacramentians voted to tax themselves for extra police, fire and services. In addition to their salaries, the council wants $391,500 which amounts to $43,000.-(including the mayor) per council member ,to use as their discretion. The vote is tonight.

The Sacramento Kings in Seattle may be the best gift for Sacramentians

After reviewing the Entertainment and Sports Center(ESC) Term Sheet. The Sacramento Kings moving to Seattle may be the best gift for Sacramentians.  The 2013 sheet is overly optimistic with perfect storm forecasts.  It  has several unsubstantiated claims for growth and insufficient  traffic/parking studies.  In a city facing deficits this  year, the questions becomes is the ESC a good deal fromContinue reading “The Sacramento Kings in Seattle may be the best gift for Sacramentians”

Sac City Approves $555,000 Downtown Arena Consultant Fees

With an 7-2 vote.  Sacramento will pay consultants up to $555,000 to locate financing for the nearly 400 million dollar arena. Councilman Rob Fong said the funding was “a modest investment in the grand scheme of things that will lead us to some real investment in this city.” Mayor Kevin Johnson described the consultant feesContinue reading “Sac City Approves $555,000 Downtown Arena Consultant Fees”