Now Boys Don’t Get Nasty-It just an Arena

Mark Harris, a member of the arena task force, mocks the previous Convergence land-swap proposal during a meeting Thursday. ” No Romance without finance” Yet another Arena Task Force  where’s da money? A meeting of Mayor Kevin Johnson’s arena task force erupted into a verbal skirmish Thursday when one panel member likened arena proponent Gerry Kamilos’ proposalContinue reading “Now Boys Don’t Get Nasty-It just an Arena”

Keep your eye on the ball

Sacramento developers are back with a new downtown arena plan. This time, Convergence is the name of the game. First rule is, don’t call it a basketball arena. Early on in one of many discussions between SN&R and developer Gerry Kamilos, he corrected the reporter, saying, “It’s called the sports and entertainment complex.” Better yet,Continue reading “Keep your eye on the ball”