A Fine Day in America

  Yesterday, was a very special day in America.  For the first time in the history of this great nation. The newly elected members of the 116th Congress looks like the beautiful mosaic that is America.   Latinos, Whites, Blacks, Christian, Muslims, Native Americans, and members of the LGBTQ Community. It was a moment for me. Continue reading “A Fine Day in America”

daring to listen (Political Addition)

  Lets be clear the nation IS divided.  It’s Democrats against the Republicans and Fox News against other cable networks. The polarization between the two parties has grinded our government to halt, our government isn’t working.  Most of the states have closed primaries not only binding the hands of voters but severely limit the reach of politicians.Continue reading “daring to listen (Political Addition)”

SACRANDOM: Downtown Ponzi Schemes and the other dark meat

Yeah, he said it….. Republican Presidential Candidate Rick Perry said ” Social Security is a Ponzi  Scheme” at the Debates in California.   Any moment now Perry can expect Democratic dollars in his account.   Say it again Rick!!!  ”  It’s a Ponzi Scheme!   Southern Demos: We jus luv us sum Rick! Two words of  for  Governor PerryContinue reading “SACRANDOM: Downtown Ponzi Schemes and the other dark meat”