Covid 19 “Exhale”

It’s a lot, the world! Civil Unrest, a pandemic virus without a cure, ecomonic crises, looming unemployment. In the last few weeks, I’ve gone from kay sera sera to a dark place  Its sadness and depression. Too sad to cry.   My new normal is work, supermarket and home. For nearly two weeks, I avoided allContinue reading “Covid 19 “Exhale””

what if he wants to die?

My neighbor approached me yesterday about a neighbor who is in his eighties.   He wants to die she said.  he leaves his door open, he is not eating, his friend is doing everything for him, but he wants to die.  He’s not doing well, he can’t walk without falling down.   I don’t know what toContinue reading “what if he wants to die?”

Cheating Could Be An Legit Treatment For Depression(Says Science)

By:David Ley   When you investigate infidelity, depression pops up often. While I have written in other posts that infidelity has little to do with unhappiness in a relationship, there’s quite a bit of evidence that extramarital sex does have indirect links to feelings of sadness, unhappiness, and depression. In most people, depression decreases libido and interestContinue reading “Cheating Could Be An Legit Treatment For Depression(Says Science)”

3 Signs You’re Not Depressed — You’re Just Surrounded By Assh*les

  By: Elvira Aletta/Your Tango.Com Don’t worry, it’s not you. “Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure that you are not, in fact, just surrounded by assh*les.” —William Gibson When I saw this quote on a friend’s Facebook wall, I laughed out loud with delight and recognition. It hit me onContinue reading “3 Signs You’re Not Depressed — You’re Just Surrounded By Assh*les”

Sweden: Taxi Therapy

The Local’s Oliver Gee prepares to take the taxi ride Last week we reported that a taxi company in Stockholm was offering free therapy sessions for customers. So many of you were interested in the idea that we sent The Local’s Oliver Gee for a spin. By: Oliver Gee/The Local Swedes have a reputation forContinue reading “Sweden: Taxi Therapy”


By: Bhimsen Ikaika Kumar-Reyes The death of Robin Williams  sent shock waves throughout the world.  His work will remain in our hearts.  Love him or hate him, he didn’t care.  I watched most of his work from “The Richard Pryor Show” to his last TV series “The Crazy Ones”; on that one, I didn’t miss aContinue reading “A WORD FROM ONE WHO HAS BEEN THERE”

Old-age divorce becoming common in India

Russian prez Valdimir Putin has split from his wife of 30 years. Old-age divorce is finding takers in India too For years, they posed for the cameras together, putting up a joint face against controversies and pressures of being Russia’s first couple. However, last week, 60-year-old Valdimir Putin and wife Lyudmila, 55, announced their decision to separate, saying “we hardly see eachContinue reading “Old-age divorce becoming common in India”