Gay Couple Had to give up their plane seats to a Straight Couple

The CEO of the Abbey, David Cooley: “I have never been so discriminated against while traveling before.” By: Bobby Schuessler/Gay Star News Last weekend, the founder and CEO of The Abbey David Cooley, and his partner were told to move seats on an Alaska Airlines flight in order to make room for a straight couple,Continue reading “Gay Couple Had to give up their plane seats to a Straight Couple”

Legal Chinese Discrimination in Sacramento

  The Story is the same, individuals immigrating to the United States with the hope of having a better life. Immigrants from China were unique, unlike other groups where families immigrated to the United States most of the Chinese immigrants were single males.  They were considered cheap labor, because these workers didn’t utilize hospitals andContinue reading “Legal Chinese Discrimination in Sacramento”


By: Nitasha Tiku/Wired A GOOGLE EMPLOYEE’S screed against workplace diversity thrust company executives into a tight spot: Discipline the author and risk criticism that Google is censoring speech, or stand by and inflame concerns that the company does not welcome women, an issue that is already the source of internal debate and a government investigation. TheContinue reading “THAT GOOGLE MANIFESTO REALLY PUT EXECUTIVES IN A BIND (Google and Women)”

Donald Sterling “Simply a stupid man”

By CityFella Black Coaches and Players of the Los Angeles Clippers have long known of their bosses racism. Six years ago a  long term executive of the franchise   unsuccessfully sued their boss citing race. The federal government were successful in their suit charging he engaged in discriminatory rental practices against Hispanics, blacks, and familiesContinue reading “Donald Sterling “Simply a stupid man””

The Firing of A Gay Police Chief: The Town vs The Mayor?

Most Americans believe it is illegal to fire someone because of their sexual orientation.  South Carolina is one of  29 states where it is legal to fire someone for being gay By CityFella: Latta, South Carolina  (population 1200) is 103 miles northeast of Columbia, South Carolina. Last week, Mayor Earl Bullard  fired Latta’s Chief of Police CrystalContinue reading “The Firing of A Gay Police Chief: The Town vs The Mayor?”