Planning Your Divorce – One Year In Advance

    By: John Crubb/Divorced Women online You have made the decision to go ahead and get a divorce.  You’ve gone through all of the preliminary mental gymnastics – – – considered the possibility of reconciliation, counseling, etc.  You have come to the final conclusion that there is no hope and you are going toContinue reading “Planning Your Divorce – One Year In Advance”

He Cheated On You, So Why Is He So Angry?

Written by Erica Manfred For Divorced Women Online Cheaters show aggression and lack of empathy during a breakup. Been wondering why the man who cheated on you is also furious at you? Where does he get off blaming you when he was the one who cheated? When my ex told me he was leaving IContinue reading “He Cheated On You, So Why Is He So Angry?”