School’s out till Summer for Cortez Quinn its Jail

By:CityFella Its over…… For the next eight months,you can reach Former Twin Rivers Unified School School District board member Cortez Quinn  at 651 I Street. That the address of the Sacramento Country Jail, that will be his home until next summer and home for his  co-conspirator Andre Pearson who will depart next spring. Pearson was theContinue reading “School’s out till Summer for Cortez Quinn its Jail”

Cortez Quinn you ARE the Father (part 2)

By: CityFella You got to love it.   Twin Rivers School District Trustee Cortez Quinn reportedly went to court yesterday with his lawyer and his minister. He was formally arranged  yesterday with his accomplice Andre Pearson, the former employee of  Comprehensive Medical Inc ,together they allegedly conspired to tamper with DNA. SEE STORY IfContinue reading “Cortez Quinn you ARE the Father (part 2)”

Not mine, that child is ugly!

Ok lets agree  Jian Feng isn’t they nicest guy in town.   After the birth of his daughter, Jian assumed his wife had an affair.   After all that cant be his baby, this baby is ugly! He ordered a DNA test and before you could say Maury Povich, he WAS  the father! His wife said she had aContinue reading “Not mine, that child is ugly!”