Chrysler Dodge and the Last Days of the V8

There is nothing like the sound, smoothness and the exhilaration of a V8 engine. After more than hundred years the V8 continues to be a prestigious option. The days are fading for the mighty V8. Fuel consumption,greenhouse gases, and demand is behind their eventual demise.  I want a V8!  Turbo, Supercharged 4 and 6 CylinderContinue reading “Chrysler Dodge and the Last Days of the V8”

Dodge Challenger: Will lightening Strike Twice?

There is something about the Pony(1) car for a lot of american males, particularly baby boomers.   Mustangs, Camaro’s and Firebirds, in our youth we walked by them on the way to school and said to ourselves one day……… Unlike, Corvettes, Porsche’s, the average working  guy could buy this car. The Pony car segment peaked by the late sixties, every AmericanContinue reading “Dodge Challenger: Will lightening Strike Twice?”

Hard times and the SUV

Damm, last week a gallon of gas was $2.79  on Sunday, I filled my tank at $ 2.85 at the Arco on Stockton and Fruitridge today the gas is averaging three bucks a gallon. Despite the gas prices and hard times America’s love affair with the SUV is far from over.    Many SUV ownersContinue reading “Hard times and the SUV”