The I-NFL 1.0 “Women and Brady “

By CityFella The NFL currently earns 10 Billion a year. With lucrative sponsoring and  broadcasting deals they project their earnings to be more than 25 Billion by 2027. But there are cracks in its image.  Cracks that could  impact the future financial growth of the league.   I call it the ” I-NFL”  I forContinue reading “The I-NFL 1.0 “Women and Brady “”

Nuts, She punched him in the…..

Some people believe you should never go to bed angry.   If your Florida’s David Sweet you get it, well after he got it. His live in girlfriend, the lovely and strategically talented Danielle Pearman were fighting about the status of their relationship. Early on, Ms Pearman punched him in the right eye. Mr Sweet mustContinue reading “Nuts, She punched him in the…..”

Planning on getting married for immigration? Think Again

Fode Mohamed Soumah walked out on his 2007 marriage to Lainie Towell three weeks after uttering his wedding vows, but it took more than three years for the Canadian Board Services Agency to deport him after he used every avenue of appeal. Married newcomers to Canada better be in love or be prepared tough itContinue reading “Planning on getting married for immigration? Think Again”