Donna Summer rest in Peace? “Family at war over her 75 million Fortune”

Mimi Sommer, Brookyn Sudano, Amanda Sudano, Donna Summers  Greed and entitlement, the fight over the dead people’s money.   Individuals who feel they, for whatever reason are entitled for a share money after a friend or member of the family dies. Donna left her entire  fortune to her husband of nearly 32 years Bruce Sudano 63.  Continue reading “Donna Summer rest in Peace? “Family at war over her 75 million Fortune””

Donna Summer laid to rest today.

Donna Summer‘s was a private person.   Her name wasn’t a fixture in america’s tabloids, in fact, few of her fans were aware she moved from Hollywood to Nashville nearly 18 years ago.    Mr’s Sudano ( married her husband Bruce  more than 30 years ago) was diagnosed with lung cancer 10 months ago( Donna did not smoke)  only the immediateContinue reading “Donna Summer laid to rest today.”

Donna Summer ” She is simply hot Stuff”

Sittin’ here eatin’ my heart out waitin- Waitin’ for some lover to call – Dialed about a thousand numbers lately- Almost rang the phone off the wall-  Lookin’ for some hot stuff baby this evenin’ I need some hot stuff baby tonight- I want some hot stuff baby this evenin -‘ Gotta have some hot stuff Gotta have some lovin’ tonight- IContinue reading “Donna Summer ” She is simply hot Stuff””