Notorious “D” From Staten Island

Photo: The Chicago Syndicate Com Her fans say’s she is the realist, hard core Drita D’avanzo  is a mother, business owner, freelance make up artist,aspiring rapper and author and the most popular star on   VH1’s “Mob Wives”. A few days ago Notorious D turned herself in after beating Mary Bratti. Some reports say BrattiContinue reading “Notorious “D” From Staten Island”

Love-Love Majewski the Newest Mob Wife. “Update”

Who can forget the first fight between Krystle and Alexis on Dynasty.  Viewers knew one day the door mat Krystle would let her have it.   The initial fight episode  was one the series highest rated show. Over time there were more fights, fights that didn’t make sense and in time the audience lost interest. Last season, the fightsContinue reading “Love-Love Majewski the Newest Mob Wife. “Update””