Just 4 for the Thrill of it ! Oakland’s black bloc anarchist from the Burbs

  You can see them coming out of the Bart station ,they have a certain look (black pants , a dark blue or black back pack. ) and they seem to travel alone.    A couple of years ago during the Occupy Oakland they threw rocks at us for trying to put out a smallContinue reading “Just 4 for the Thrill of it ! Oakland’s black bloc anarchist from the Burbs”

For those who want to confine women

A certain group in society has recently said women should be employed in jobs that put them in direct contact with men and are unsuitable to their natures. This group has claimed this will help lower women’s unemployment and ensure that they can be financially independent. In reality, however, this group wants to confine womenContinue reading “For those who want to confine women”

Egypt’s President Mohammed Mursi craves instant fame?

  CAIRO — Power and water outages are common across Egypt. Crime is rampant. The value of the currency is slipping. Egypt’s President Mohammed Mursi has yet to offer anything concrete on how he plans to tackle some of the nation’s most intractable problems. Instead, he is taking steps to shore up his Muslim BrotherhoodContinue reading “Egypt’s President Mohammed Mursi craves instant fame?”