After El Paso shooting, Mexican Americans can no longer be ambivalent minority

Mexican Americans think of ourselves as both an immigrant ethnic group and a racially oppressed minority. After El Paso, that is a luxury we can’t afford.   By: Ruben Navarrette Jr. , Opinion columnist\ USA Today For many Mexican Americans, it’s a poignant scene. In the film “Selena,” Edward James Olmos plays Abraham Quintanilla Sr. — the father of the famousContinue reading “After El Paso shooting, Mexican Americans can no longer be ambivalent minority”

It isn’t over: Is Sacramento PD Ready?

30 Seconds A 24 year old shooter opened fire in an Entertainment District similar to Sacramento’s midtown and within 30 seconds nine people were killed and 27 others were wounded. The shooter,wearing body armor reportedly had more than 100 rounds of ammunition in an popular entertainment area filled with people during the weekends.   In Dayton,Continue reading “It isn’t over: Is Sacramento PD Ready?”

3300 Mile 11 Day Super Road Trip (Full)

Between Late April to Early June you can rent a car from Arizona or Florida from 8 dollars a day and return the car to most large cities in the country without additional charge. My last road trip was from Miami to New York City. This time I wanted to visit the Great South WestContinue reading “3300 Mile 11 Day Super Road Trip (Full)”

11 day 3300 mile Super Road Trip (Day 3)Part 3: A perfect road to drop off a body

Who needs a wake up call ? Somewhere between 10am and 11am a housekeeper loudly knocked on my door. HOUSEKEEPIN! HOUSEKEEPIN! Groggy, I yelled YES!    Check out time is 11! I reached for my phone, it was-10:09am I screamed, I’ll be out in an hour! No response. When your sliding into home and your pantsContinue reading “11 day 3300 mile Super Road Trip (Day 3)Part 3: A perfect road to drop off a body”

97 minutes in El Paso Texas

Eleven hundred  Eighty Five miles south east of Sacratomatoville is El Paso Texas. When I told a couple of people I was interested in stopping in El Paso unroute to Austin, the response was usually why?  Some people called it a hell hole.  One person said its the scariest city he has ever been in.Continue reading “97 minutes in El Paso Texas”