EV’s 201: Still have questions about Electric Cars?

More and more people are interested in an Electric Vehicles (EV’s), but many still have questions. In 2010, just 1,919 EVs were sold in the U.S. Last year nearly 300, 000 were sold. Around the world, countries are increasingly moving towards car production and ownership that is entirely electric. California will phase out the sale ofContinue reading “EV’s 201: Still have questions about Electric Cars?”

Electric Car Travels Part 4

Sacramento to Fresno (Part 2) Those who follow this blog, electric vehicles have a warm place in my heart. My electric car journey, began in the summer of 2019 after my personal car was totaled. There is a car sharing program in Sacramento (Gig). With a Gig car, using your phone you can rent anContinue reading “Electric Car Travels Part 4”

“CrazyTown”General Motors 1000hp Hummer EV is just a couple of ticks slower than the Corvette

Imagine being at an AM/PM gas station near the Interstate and a family of five exits the store with giant sluprees and family sized bags of chip. Parked in the station, is the Generals most powerful petro car, the Z51 Chevrolet Corvette. As the two vehicles enter the Interstate, the Vette hits warp speed. InContinue reading ““CrazyTown”General Motors 1000hp Hummer EV is just a couple of ticks slower than the Corvette”