We have an African American and here she is…..


Could someone offer her a chair?

Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., speaks to Michael Cohen during a House Oversight Committee hearing as Lynne Patton stands behind him. (Screengrab: Yahoo News Video)

I think one of the reasons that black people loved Bill Clinton, is he knew black people, had black friends.  He and Hillary, didn’t seem out of place in a black church and didn’t need to bring a prop, when he spoke to people of color.

Unfortunately, the need of a prop is still a part of politics today.  There are some politicians, who believe they are more effective if they have a prop when they address a  crowd of people who do not resemble them ,to make those people comfortable.

Yesterday, North Carolina Congressman Mark Meadows brought a prop.  In the form of Lynne Patton.   President Trump former Attorney Michael Cohen testified before the House Oversight Committee. Said  Trump is a racist who told him that African Americans were too stupid to vote for him.  Lynne Patton sole purpose was to tell the world, that she is black and as a black woman she would never work for a racist.

I was troubled as this black women stood in a sea of white faces.  I guess they didn’t have an extra chair.

No one in America, will ever question if our President is a racist.

” Ms Patton very presence offended nearly every woman of color”

Congresswomen Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts posed a question to Michael Cohen

“Would you agree that someone could deny rental units to African-Americans, lead the birther movement, refer to to the diaspora as ‘shithole countries,’ and refer to white supremacists as ‘fine people,’ have a black friend, and still be racist?”  Yes he answered.

 When it was Congresswoman  Rashida Tlaib of Michigan turn to speak, she went further.  “Just because someone has a person of color, a black person working for them does not mean they aren’t racist,” Tlaid said. “And it is insensitive, and some would even say that the fact that someone would actually use a prop, a black woman, in this chamber, in this committee”—here she took a heavy sigh—”is alone racist in itself.”

Congressman Meadows responded angrily, demanding Chairman Cummings strike the Congresswoman’s comment from the record.

Congressman Meadows double down by saying he wasn’t a racist, as his nieces and nephews are people of color.  Clearly the Congressman isn’t close to his family as its very unlikely they would approve the use a person of color as a prop.

Congressmen Meadows lives in a world where people would never work or support anyone who is racist sexist, or homophobic with one exception, if he were President or Congressman from North Carolina.  Some will remember back in 2012, he told his supporters that they were going to send President Obama home to Kenya or wherever it is?

Turns out, Michael Cohen was responsible for Trump hiring Mrs Patton.   Cohen told the Congressman that there were no black executives in the Trump Organization.

Remind me, it is 2019, right?





He crosses the street to avoid making white women uncomfortable

Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Maryland, has been a member of Congress for almost two decades.

Yet when he is walking down the street in Washington, D.C., at night and white women walk toward him, he says “I cross the street” to avoid making them uncomfortable.

Cummings says he rarely speaks about race or what life is like as a black man, but says President Barack Obama’s heartfelt remarks Friday afternoon made him more comfortable to do so.

“I think it’s important that he speak out and he brings a very unique perspective, because is the president and he has been extremely fortunate compared to most African-Americans, and yet still he can speak to the prejudices that most of us still face,” Cummings told CNN in a telephone interview.

Cummings lives in what calls the “inner city” of Baltimore, Maryland.

For emphasis, he says “when I say inner, I mean inner.”

The 10 term congressman says he loves to go shopping with his wife, because he likes to watch her try on dresses. But he won’t do it outside his district where people know him because “I don’t like the idea of people following me around.”

“People usually have the security guard following me, or questions with the overabundant, ‘can I help you?’ They think you’re going to do something wrong. We’ve seen it over and over again since childhood,” said Cummings.

He joked that it’s a bit better recently since, as the ranking member of the GOP-led House Oversight Committee, which is investigating IRS misconduct, Benghazi and more, he is on T.V. often and is recognized outside his district.

Still, he too talked about “feeling the tension” when he is in the elevator with a white woman.

“The tension… it’s hard to describe,” he said.

Some African-American leaders and activists have expressed frustration with Obama for not using his position to stir a national discussion about race. Cummings was not one of those people.

“It’s not that simple. People go crazy,” said Cummings.

“I see the way this country reacts to the littlest thing he says about race,” he said.

Plus, Cummings believes that before Obama was elected to his second and final term, it would have been “counterproductive to talk about these things because everything was in the prism of politics.”

“Now that he has the freedom to not worry about re-election, I think he has a better opportunity,” said Cummings.

A day earlier, Cummings’ race played out in an awkward moment during a tension-filled IRS hearing.

When admonishing Cummings, Rep. Darrell Issa, the Republican Oversight Committee chairman, referred to Cummings as “a little boy whose hand’s caught in the cookie jar.”

Later, Issa apologized to his African-American colleague for using the term “boy.”

“That is something I grew up with, it is intended to be about a small child, and in no way the use of boy or little boy to be anything else,” Issa said.

Cummings thanked Issa, saying he appreciated his words.

By Dana Bash/CNN