Fantasia, A Diamond in a dollar store

Ten years ago, the world discovered Fantasia Monique Barrino on American Idol.  She was the contestant with the 100 watt smile. Her smile and personality is infectious she has the rare ability to make the audience feel is if they were in her home. Fantasia’s performance of Summertime was named amongst AOL’s 2004 list of greatest televisionContinue reading “Fantasia, A Diamond in a dollar store”

Gaga doesn’t need a Gimmick (anymore)

  Unique doesn’t necessarily mean sales in the music business.    Companies want something tried and true…    For decades, musicians  have been wrapped in a tight packaging.    Like it or not the most important ingredients is appearance.   With most th most performers not only looking but  sounding alike. Despite their talents a Susan Boyle or aContinue reading “Gaga doesn’t need a Gimmick (anymore)”

Gaga’s Schick Growing Old

Lady Gaga is news,  she’s  like, Michael, Madonna, The Beatles, and Elvis as they where  news from the moment they got up until they went to bed.     They where masters of the the media . Lady Gaga has skills,  she  can sit down and perform without  the producers dials , without ear plugsContinue reading “Gaga’s Schick Growing Old”

Two Blondes have slap fest at Elton John Concert

Elton John‘s performance at the Sporting Club in Monte Carlo the other night was interrupted by a catfight between what were described as a 70-year-old woman and a 30-something blonde, who was obstructing the older woman’s view. “The two of them were each wearing what looked like 70 carats of diamonds and ball gowns thatContinue reading “Two Blondes have slap fest at Elton John Concert”