A Lil off the Top, A LiL off the Bottom

Lodi, California is thirty five miles south east of Sacramento.  The community of nearly 65,000 people is the Zinfandel Capital of the World .  Lodi doesn’t have the panash of  Napa valley region but it is making its mark, drawing thousands of tourist each year. The area was once famous for the Tokay Grape a seeded tableContinue reading “A Lil off the Top, A LiL off the Bottom”

Darn, They may have broken up her sweet deal in Rocklin

90K Rocklin Police doesn’t know the exact figure or how she did it.   They believe she may have embezzled at least 90K from two local businesses . In a news release from Rocklin Police Department:  Darla Miller of Roseville was the office manager for Lawton Industries. A stainless steel company.  Rocklin Police arrested herContinue reading “Darn, They may have broken up her sweet deal in Rocklin”

Lisa Serna-Mayorga embezzler? Credit Card Probe Widens……

The summer of 2012 hasn’t been kind to Sacramento’s Mayor Kevin Johnson.  The  newly re-elected mayor was shunned by the City’s Democratic  leadership.     The Oakland A’s public embarrassment, the Sacramento City Council voting to strip  his authority to appoint the office manager.   Now a credit card scandal involving  his good friend and former office manager Lisa Serna-Mayorga.  MrsContinue reading “Lisa Serna-Mayorga embezzler? Credit Card Probe Widens……”

Employee Bonus: Vermont Style

In the last five years Virginia DeCapria, used her bouns money to buy bought 256 backyard patio bricks, 14 printers, seven laptops, a washer-dryer, refrigerator and freezer, eight digital cameras, four media players, photo scanners, global positioning systems, leather chairs and other home furnishings.   Virginia’s bonuses amounted to over $500,000.   One small problem, or an oversight is Virginia authorized theContinue reading “Employee Bonus: Vermont Style”

Cheryl Jacobson-Thompson Says “I didn’t take da money”

The Tokay Glass company of Lodi says we want our $250,000. Former bookkeeper, Cheryl Jacobson-Thompson say’s don’t look at me!  and pleaded not guilty today in the Lodi’s San Joaquin Superior Court. Some believe she might have embezzled more than 4oo grand. Her bail was set at 250,ooo-perhaps she can write them a check. Cityfella