Eminem Too Shady for Queen?

The blonde rapper’s people have come across a bit of a stumbling block in their advanced talks to get the performer involved – and he may not be suitable He may not be suitable for the Queen By: Ashleigh Rainbird/UK Mirror He’s slim, and he’s shady, and it seems he’s possibly not the right demographicContinue reading “Eminem Too Shady for Queen?”

Chrysler? Chrysler! (Revisiting the Shotgun Marriage to Fiat)

My love affair with Chrysler began with the 1968 Dodge Charger  from its front end to its rear, its didn’t look like a GM or Ford, it was Mopar.   Of course some of my friends liked the square Roadrunner   the  corporate twin of the Dodge.   I was a Dodge kid until Chrysler introudced the Plymouth Superbird  sure Dodge had version called the Daytona, but they didn’tContinue reading “Chrysler? Chrysler! (Revisiting the Shotgun Marriage to Fiat)”