Why so many people in China are becoming mermaids

  By: Maggie Hiufu Wong, CNN On a normal day, the Ambassador Lagoon inside China’s Atlantis Sanya resort on the island of Hainan is home to about 86,000 marine creatures from over 280 animal species.But on April 28, this huge aquarium welcomed 100 mermaids, all flapping their technicolor tails while gliding through the water in choreographed movements.TheContinue reading “Why so many people in China are becoming mermaids”

Kevin Hart defends Ellen DeGeneres against workplace accusations

The comedian took to social media to fire back at accusations that the talk show host abuses her staff. Kevin Hart has come to the defense of Ellen DeGeneres amid criticism that she fosters a toxic workplace environment on her daytime talk show. The Jumanji took to social media to fire back at accusations that DeGeneres  mistreats and abuses herContinue reading “Kevin Hart defends Ellen DeGeneres against workplace accusations”

The Hollywood Con Queen

Photo: Google She tormented studio executives, actors, makeup artists, security guys, photographers, screenwriters, athletes, even bobsledders and scuba divers for years—until corporate investigator Nicoletta Kotsianas was put on the case. By K.J. Yossman\MarieClaire It was a warm, overcast afternoon in August 2019, and Joe Scarnici was pumped. A talented photographer who has gone on tourContinue reading “The Hollywood Con Queen”

Trans pioneer Jackie Shane: ‘I don’t bow down. I do not get down on my knees’

The R&B singer’s music and backstory took on a mythical quality when she disappeared from public view. Now a retrospective is retelling her story  Jackie Shane in 1967 … ‘Some adults were afraid of me because I was intelligent. I thought for myself.’ Photograph: Courtesy of Numero Group Anyone imagining the life of a blackContinue reading “Trans pioneer Jackie Shane: ‘I don’t bow down. I do not get down on my knees’”

Instant (add water and stir) Love

You meet online. The attraction is immediate.   You exchange numbers.   You talk to each other every day.  Your values are the same. you travel to meet her-its magnetic!   You like the same movies, the same same television shows… You have a passion for Indian food.  She visits you in your hometown.  Continue reading “Instant (add water and stir) Love”

She could have been America’s Sweetheart- But then “Katherine Heigl” spoke!

Katherine Heigladmits she sometimes puts her foot in her mouth and said, “I would tell myself to shut up too.” The “New Year’s Eve” actress shares in the new issue of Elle what it was like to have public opinion turn against her in the wake of her saying that her breakthrough movie, “Knocked Up,”Continue reading “She could have been America’s Sweetheart- But then “Katherine Heigl” spoke!”

Shaking the Lohan Tree: Poppa Lohan hits the ground (Literally)

Just a day after being released from jail on a domestic-violence rap, Lindsay Lohan’s dad, Michael, was arrested again yesterday after dangling from a balcony at a Tampa hotel — and crashing 30 feet to the ground — while fleeing cops, police said. Cops were seeking the father of the star, facing jail herself, afterContinue reading “Shaking the Lohan Tree: Poppa Lohan hits the ground (Literally)”

Don’t protect us from “Dean Winters’ the Mayhem Guy

You’ve seen him everywhere, Law and Order, 30 Rock,  Sex in the City, OZ, and he guest starred on many shows from CSI to Rescue Me. Right now he is Mayhem,  From his pink head band to his sippy cup,he is hysterical,  Allstate has winner with Mayhem(Dean Winters)… Cityfella