Malcolm X’s challenge to mass incarceration

The black power leader warned that America was a racist prison state. Fifty years after his death, it still is By: Dan Berger/Al Jazerra Fifty years ago assassins killed black power activist Malcolm X during a speech to the Organization for Afro-American Unity at New York City’s Audubon Ballroom. Although they ended the life ofContinue reading “Malcolm X’s challenge to mass incarceration”

Iggy Azalea’s strange year: What her latest Twitter feud reveals about the character she’s created

The root of Iggy Azalea’s cultural appropriation isn’t simple racism; it’s total self-absorption All year, the bizarre collection of affected mannerisms that is Iggy Azalea has been slowly gaining in momentum—first dropping the single “Fancy,” featuring Charli XCX, that became the song of the summer, sort of , as well as contributing rhymes to Ariana Grande’sContinue reading “Iggy Azalea’s strange year: What her latest Twitter feud reveals about the character she’s created”

Michael Brown Eric Garner Protest in Sacramento

 Friday, December 5,2014We joined the March after having dinner at “The Porch” on K Street.   It was the best of  Sacramento, white, black, gay, latino, asian.   young and old . Emotional at times, especially when the crowd chanted “who next”  is she next, is he next who’s next.   We talked to officerContinue reading “Michael Brown Eric Garner Protest in Sacramento”

10 ways the system is rigged to protect cops who kill

Officers like Daniel Panteleo and Darren Wilson aren’t anomalies. Our police force can murder with impunity By Steven Rosenfeld/Alternet As passions and protests flared on the streets of New York City following a Staten Island grand jury’s decision Wednesday not to indict the white NYC police officer whose chokehold and rough arrest killed Eric Garner, anContinue reading “10 ways the system is rigged to protect cops who kill”


CityFella Assuming Most people assume, if your were stopped by the Police, you must have been doing something to draw their attention.   For many years I believed that until, I found myself being detained by the police. Some people assume, blacks and latino’s are pulled over because they live in high crime areas andContinue reading “WHAT’S NEXT?”