Get Kevin Johnson

October 20th was to be a special day for Sacramento’s Mayor Kevin Johnson. A day so special his office requested the council meeting be moved to accommodate ESPN’s premiere of the documentary “Down in the Family”   A film about Sacramento fight against Seattle to retain the Sacramento Kings Franchise. ESPN reportedly pulled the documentaryContinue reading “Get Kevin Johnson”

Flash Opinion: Catylin Jenner-Hero?

By CityFella Catylin Jenner journey and transformation is very positive for the transgender community.  Her public journey  has generated conversation and this conversation will  educate the general public.    Her story shines a light for those men and women who suffer in silence. There are many who do not understand their journey( including some inContinue reading “Flash Opinion: Catylin Jenner-Hero?”

Racism Pays? One NBA owner may know the way?

By CityFella, Setting the ground rules,I am bit of a cynic. Moving on………… It wasn’t planned (or was it? ) but the notorious Donald Sterling may be on to something. The National Basketball Association would not allow a notorious racist control its franchise and IT was going to force the sale of the Los AngelesContinue reading “Racism Pays? One NBA owner may know the way?”

American Boomers Baffled By US Soccer Craze

By:CityFella, Sometime last week Ann Coulter said “No American whose great-grandfather was born here is watching soccer” now.      I’m not sure why I quoted the media hound, but she represents a large number of US baby boomers who are baffled by the interest in the world cup. Ms Coulter’s who’s accuracy is less thanContinue reading “American Boomers Baffled By US Soccer Craze”

Sacramento Kings: Soap Opera R.E.S.P.E.C.T!

Clearly its personal……  It’s not about the City of Sacramento or Seattle.   It’s about  honor and principal. The newly empowered, Maloof Family wants respect.  If they had the cash, I believe they would stay in Sacramento and build this team, the brothers liked Sacramento and the liked owning a professional franchise.   But they don’t have the capital.Continue reading “Sacramento Kings: Soap Opera R.E.S.P.E.C.T!”

Sacramento Kings-Arena Deal: Seattle vs Sacramento (Seattle has the edge)

Its a stressful time for the  National Basketball Association board of governors.  Two cities, Seattle Washington and Sacramento California are vying for one  professional basketball team the Sacramento Kings. The issue for both cities may come down to  which city is in the best position to build a new arena? In 2006, Sacramentians voted against a measureContinue reading “Sacramento Kings-Arena Deal: Seattle vs Sacramento (Seattle has the edge)”

Sports costing taxpayers billions

Out with the old-In with the new 1.7 billion dollar Meadowland Stadium Home to the New York Jets and The New York Giants located in East Rutherford,New Jersey THE BUSINESS AND POLITICS OF SPORTS DeMaurice Smith to reach a new agreement that covers players working conditions, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie wrestles with his state’sContinue reading “Sports costing taxpayers billions”