France: The baby-making champions of Europe

The French birth rate is now the highest in Europe, according to a new study, after it knocked Ireland off the top spot thanks to a number of reasons. But will it stay that way? France has overtaken Ireland to reach the top of the birth rate league in Europe, according to a report released lastContinue reading “France: The baby-making champions of Europe”

Miscellaneous Ramblelings about Gym Towels and the American Penis

Although I have lost quite  a bit of weight I still have a long way to go.   So I am back at the gym.  Last year I joined a discount Gym in Natomas  8 miles away.   This price was good and the facilities  was well equipped  but there are no showers, which meant if IContinue reading “Miscellaneous Ramblelings about Gym Towels and the American Penis”

Get off the plane or be arrested

Dozens of Easyjet passengers were threatened with arrest if they did not leave plane which was too heavy to take off. The flight  from Birmingham(UK)  to Geneva was over-filled with 10 tonnes too much fuel so the captain asked the last 37 customers to board the plane to get off. When some passengers refused to leave they wereContinue reading “Get off the plane or be arrested”