Specter of Money Haunts Ukraine’s Turmoil-The View From Russia

BY: Ben Aris/Moscow Times   It’s critical to understand the economics of the current crisis in Ukraine. Ukrainian hard currency reserves have dwindled from $35 billion to $17 billion — not enough to ensure the stability of the government. Ukraine is bankrupt.   Under the terms of the European Union offer of last year, which virtually nobody in the Western media seriously examined, the EU was offering $160 million perContinue reading “Specter of Money Haunts Ukraine’s Turmoil-The View From Russia”

Europeans try their luck in Germany

As the financial crisis in Europe continues to put pressure on job-seekers, thousands of Greeks, Spaniards and Portuguese are coming to Germany – to escape economic problems in their native countries.   In Frankfurt, young Spanish academics apply for jobs at the Spanish language institute Instituto Cervantes. And at an association for Greek academics, founder GregoriusContinue reading “Europeans try their luck in Germany”

Italy: We need a hero

In good and evil, Italy has produced an epic proportion of history’s fruits. The Western system of laws, the Catholic Church, banking, financial instruments, insurance, fine music, fashion and good eating all spread worldwide from there. But now, it needs a hero. Confronted with a national debt of about $2.4-trillion, 121% of its GDP, aContinue reading “Italy: We need a hero”