Could You Date A Man With A Violent Past?

ONCE AN ABUSER, ALWAYS AN ABUSER? COULD YOU DATE A MAN WITH A VIOLENT PAST? – By Brande Victorian– Madame Noire As you get older, you outgrow a lot of labels. Perhaps you were a nerd in school because you were smart, or dated a guy seen as a jock because he valued athleticism, or maybeContinue reading “Could You Date A Man With A Violent Past?”

Basketball Wives Minus 3-Jennifer,Royce,Kesha Fired!

Jennifer Williams, Royce Reed and Kesha Nichol have had their last on air argument, last    on air fight. In the last regular episode of the season Queen Bee and co producer  Shaunie O’Neal was talking to her pastor, who recommended changes.      She is adamant,  it’s not her fault that the cast members wereContinue reading “Basketball Wives Minus 3-Jennifer,Royce,Kesha Fired!”