Throwback Thursday: So Ladies, How many Gay Men Have you Straightened Out?

In Sacramento, Faces is one of the most successful clubs in the city.  it is a gay club with a large heterosexual following. A few years back some women said there were straight men pretending to be gay to pick up women. Click the Link for the 2009 Story

Oh Kay? It’s Friday, Dec 19,2014 (Spelling,Cuba, Barbie Cars)

Someone else cant spell  An unknown suspect vandalized Wendy Owens’s 2013 Chevrolet Sonic over the weekend while the car was parked outside her South Carolina residence. Owens told cops that she noticed Sunday that the car had the words “BICTH I’M GET YOU” scratched on its trunk. While Owens, 32, had no solid proof, she thought the vandalContinue reading “Oh Kay? It’s Friday, Dec 19,2014 (Spelling,Cuba, Barbie Cars)”

When the Music is Bad

It’s 11:52 its a warm night in Sacramento, there are lines all over midtown/downtown waiting to get into the clubs.        After 10 minutes you and your crew enters, looking for a place to sit.   The crowd is lively, the setting is blue cool. Once finding a place, we head for theContinue reading “When the Music is Bad”

a 6 foot 8 drag queen and JJFad & FamilyForce 5

My friend and former roommate planned a night out..  It had been a while since we’ve been out together.  The last time we were out  we stopped at the Touch Club and listen to live blues, the club was the second choice but neither felt dressed up enough to step into Dreams next door. AfterContinue reading “a 6 foot 8 drag queen and JJFad & FamilyForce 5”

Fashion Sacramento: (the clubs) The Best and the Worst of 2009

Black is New York’s signature color, no city in america comes close to matching the cities style subway to Bus ,New Yorker’s own full length mirrors.  On the west coast its San Francisco.  For years, sports professionals turned to Rochester’s big and tall for style.(the store now owned by Casual Male XL )can be now  found throughout the country.Continue reading “Fashion Sacramento: (the clubs) The Best and the Worst of 2009”


For those people who have followed my blogs over the years, know I enjoy a bit of hypocracy. The Jimmy Swaggert’s and Jim Haggard’s( The Crystal Methodist ) of the world.     This month we may have a new member to the club. Anti-Gay Lawmaker At Gay Club Before DUI Arrest SACRAMENTO (CBS13) ― Roy Ashburn Sac County Sheriff’sContinue reading “CHRISTMAS IN MARCH”

May I touch your Breast ? (Straight Men acting Gay to meet women)

A few years ago, I read a short blurb in the Sacramento News and Review about men accosting women in Faces. Earlier this evening I was talking to a friend of mine…  Two weeks ago she and her girlfriends went dancing at Faces, they often prefer gay dance clubs over straight clubs.    One man seemContinue reading “May I touch your Breast ? (Straight Men acting Gay to meet women)”