Fashion Sacramento: If your looking for color and style it isn’t Midtown.

For weeks we have complained about the absence of  color and style in Sacramento.   The city seems to be a washed in  Black.     Perhaps it a midtown thing…           But color  and style was Uptown at the Launch 2010 last Saturday night. And one creative young lady owned the night.Continue reading “Fashion Sacramento: If your looking for color and style it isn’t Midtown.”

9/27 1:24 AM 83 degrees Midtown

It was a very warm and humid Saturday night in midtown sac.   The evening began at the Marriott’s Residence Inn. It’s hotel central , if you clubbing midtown.  It’s 3 Fires Lounge was surprisingly busy. across the street, fashionable Park Ultra Lounge was slow….. The Capitol Garage was winding down Speaking of Fashionable………….     SomewhereContinue reading “9/27 1:24 AM 83 degrees Midtown”

sacraTOMATOville….. Night life Style in Sacramento?

Does Sacramentans have a sense of style?   Is there a regional look that defines us.? Last night we were out in force with our small digital cameras in  midtown..    So far the theme for women has been short and black…..or short and white…. no real accessories or imagination, dull… Captiol Garage, MX, Park Ultra Lounge,Continue reading “sacraTOMATOville….. Night life Style in Sacramento?”

Chubby at Wal Mart

Say it isn’t so….the lower cost the store is the more chubenell the customer? Not sure where I heard that saying…it isn’t scientific. But its one of those statements where your first reaction is nooooo…then hmmm. In 2006, the Super Wal Mart store opened in Antelope, I noticed a large population of overweight customers. IContinue reading “Chubby at Wal Mart”

Basic White Tee’s

It’s Saturday afternoon, and on this day I am shopping in South Sacramento and Elk Grove.   With trusty and descreet phone camera in hand, I am snapping way. There seems to be a theme today, oversized white tee shirts.   Worn out side of pants…  While I would agree that they are cool on this hotContinue reading “Basic White Tee’s”

Dress Flip Flops and 100% Cotton Shorts…. Sacramento Style?

New Yorkers bathe in black sophistication. San Franciscans are always appropriately dressed for the occasion. A few years ago someone gave me tickets to a Gala here, I don’t remember if it was for the Ballet or the Symphony. While I was thankful, I remember going into a mild panic. What to wea?r.. In SanContinue reading “Dress Flip Flops and 100% Cotton Shorts…. Sacramento Style?”