Is my face mask making my ears larger?

While millions across the world, can’t wait to toss their face masks. I think mine will be my world for life. It has served me well in the last year, as I come in contact with hundreds on a weekly basic. While I’m not quite ready yet, it will eventually come off outside. I seeContinue reading “Is my face mask making my ears larger?”

Buh-bye, skinny jeans: Levi’s is embracing a baggy look

By: Parija Kavilanz /CNN Skinny jeans have had their moment.Comfy clothing is what consumers want now, and Levi’s is ready to deliver with more generous-fitting and downright baggy jeans this year.The iconic American denim brand said it’s helping facilitate the switch from skinny to baggy.Vaccination megasites pop up in empty malls“I think we’re kind of leading this trend to someContinue reading “Buh-bye, skinny jeans: Levi’s is embracing a baggy look”

It’s just clothes

  Designer Kenneth Nicholson A billion years ago when I was in college. I went to a local church where I was the only black person in the congregation. Most members of my family attended this National church across the nation and this church was near my apartment across the street from the University. WhileContinue reading “It’s just clothes”

Janice stole my look

There is something about a bright shiny look.  Sequins, silk, lame. Worn properly its fantastic, improperly in tube top or casually applied to clothing is often beyond scary. I was always a big boi.  I was big baby, I came into the world weighing 137 pounds 4 ounces with size 10 feet.  My mother  screamedContinue reading “Janice stole my look”

Why it’s now the bride who wears the trousers

Women are ditching frothy gowns to make their vows in jumpsuits or white separates Sophie Turner at her wedding to Joe Jonas (second left) in Las Vegas last week.                                                     Continue reading “Why it’s now the bride who wears the trousers”

Drones replace models at Saudi Arabian fashion show   A fashion show at a luxury hotel in Saudi Arabia skipped the human models and featured drones carrying pieces of clothing down the runway. Mohamad Aljefri, a leader at Red Sea RC team, the company which flew the drones, shared photos and videos of drones carrying dresses at the event Sunday. The annual fashionContinue reading “Drones replace models at Saudi Arabian fashion show”

The salt-and-pepper pound: where are all the fiftysomething models?

73-year-old Lauren Hutton modelling for Calvin Klein in April. Photograph: Calvin Klein When I first started blogging as That’s Not My Age nine years ago, I was always banging on about the lack of older models, my Grey-dar permanently on high alert. But whereas in the past, the older model was restricted to a healthcareContinue reading “The salt-and-pepper pound: where are all the fiftysomething models?”

Integration Now!

For years,people would ask me why whites, and only whites?  Initially ,I wouldn’t respond after all, it was my business.  It is my personal business and who was being hurt!  WHO? I’m an XXXXXXXL guy and whites are readily available.  I’ve tried a pair of  blacks, and it was okay but its difficult to change,Continue reading “Integration Now!”

Be Like The Queen and wear Neon Green

The Queen arrives at the Trooping the Colour earlier in June CREDIT: JOHN STILLWELL/PA WIRE Thanks to The Queen neon sales have risen 137% in Britain By: Alice Newbold-Junior Style Editor/UK Telegraph You might have thought that neon was a no-go area once your highlighter-hued festival crop top days were over. But it seems thatContinue reading “Be Like The Queen and wear Neon Green”